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The energy and natural resources sector is characterised by a return of investment over long periods of time. Here, more than in almost any other sector, you need a team who not only understands regulations and their implementation, but also knows the market drivers and risks intimately. Due to the direct industry background of our lawyers, many of whom have held senior positions at major international energy companies, we understand the commercial drivers in the sector and can offer you not only technically excellent advice but also industry insight and recognition of business objectives.

We can advise you on all issues that may arise during the life cycle of large-scale energy or mining projects, including on legislative, political and regulatory questions, as well as with tax issues. Let us help you manoeuvre through the labyrinth of regulations which are not always entirely clear in our developing markets. We aim to mitigate risk but sometimes disputes are unavoidable; we can support you in all administrative, litigation and arbitration proceedings including investment protection and disputes brought under the Energy Charter Treaty.

Given the current global emphasis on green initiatives and the reduction of carbon emissions, renewable energy finds itself centre stage. Review our guide on renewable energy law for unique insights into laws / regulations governing the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources in the CEE/SEE region.

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Our regional, integrated firm offers distinct advantages, spanning the full spectrum of legal services.

  • An established international law firm with 60+ years of experience in Austria and CEE/SEE
  • A fully integrated team of jurisdiction-specific qualified lawyers across our offices in 13 countries.
  • Collaboration and innovation across multidisciplinary teams and offices
  • Excellent client satisfaction – responsive, client-oriented, and consistent
  • Experience with complex and cross-border matters covering the full spectrum of legal services
  • Knowledge and expertise to add value to deals across industries

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Oil & gas

Today the oil and gas industry is influenced more than ever by factors including market volatility, supply security, environmental risks and regional politics. Moreover, there is a growing international emphasis on exploring unconventional reserves like oil sands, coal bed methane and shale. Consequently, dealing with these complex dynamics demands a higher level of expertise and experience in energy than what has been traditionally expected.

We can help you with:

  • fuel, gas, pipeline throughput, aviation, lubes and specialties;
  • bunkering;
  • concessions;
  • exploration, production and storage;
  • upstream, midstream and downstream;
  • offshore construction, permitting and development;
  • environmental law and oil and gas law.

Renewable energy

Given the current European and global emphasis on green initiatives and reduction of carbon emissions, renewable energy has centre stage. Whichever stage of your project, we can assist you with all issues from development and financing to construction and operation. Our guides on renewable energy law, energy efficiency and waste to energy provide unique insight into the national legislation of the CEE/SEE region. We advise on a wide range of green energy projects, including:

  • photovoltaic;
  • wind;
  • hydroelectric;
  • geothermal;
  • biofuels;
  • biomass;
  • waste to energy;
  • energy efficiency;
  • transmission and smart grid;
  • carbon trading.

Nuclear energy

With direct industry experience, we have the necessary skills and hands-on experience to know what you are up against in developing and running a nuclear power plant. Our lawyers have worked in-house at nuclear power plants, while others worked on large-scale project developments from ground-breaking through to completion. We can help you with the regulatory and transactional issues of existing facilities, as well as assist you on the application for, securing of, or challenges to the regulatory approvals and permits required for new operations in the nuclear energy sector, including:

  • construction and operation of nuclear plants;
  • decommissioning of nuclear plants;
  • transportation and disposal of nuclear fuel.


Whichever part of the utilities sector you belong to, we offer legal expertise combined with industry-specific knowledge of electricity, gas, district heating, water, wastewater and waste management. We can help you with:

  • power construction;
  • pricing and tariffs,
  • power supply and purchase agreements;
  • trading agreements and balancing groups;
  • licensing.


Exploration and mining laws have become increasingly complicated in recent years and cases often involve cross-border issues. Whether you are a mining company, exploration service company, drilling service company, investment house or an individual investor, you benefit from our law firm’s mining experience of representing clients in numerous local and international mining and minerals projects. We can advise you on:

  • mining operations;
  • analysis of legislation concerning mining and exploration;
  • obtaining exploration licenses and mining concessions;
  • environmental issues;
  • funding mining ventures and projects.


Recent years have seen increasing economic regulatory requirements at European and local levels, in terms of both formal legal requirements and less formal “soft law”. We can advise you on all permitting and licensing issues relating to the construction and operation of energy assets, including unbundling aspects and compliance with market rules. By maintaining excellent contacts with the relevant authorities and regulators, you benefit from our representation in all kinds of administrative proceedings.


Considering environmental issues at an early stage of planning is essential to save time, money and nerves. The provisions of environmental law play an important role in acquisitions, as well as in the planning, implementation, development and licensing of energy and other natural resource projects, and are also crucial for their rapid and efficient implementation.

A multitude of national and European environmental laws and regulations makes it increasingly difficult to obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of the legal requirements. Through their years of experience, our environmental law specialists are ideally equipped to filter out and handle the relevant issues for you.

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