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What Romania’s renewables market tells us about the present and future of sustainable energy

Renewables expert and Managing Partner of the firm’s Bucharest office Bryan W. Jardine takes a deep look into Romania’s renewable energy market with Mr. James Colter Eadie, who is the Founder and CEO of Jade Power Trust.

Bryan and James discuss the historic subsidies that were granted to renewable energy investors in Romania between 2012 -2016 (in the form of tradeable green certificates) and how this development, along with the country’s abundant geographical advantages, led to a largely unexpected investment boom in the wind and solar energy sectors during this period.

With this as a backdrop, James discusses Jade Power Trust’s decision to enter the Romania market and subsequent sale of its portfolio of 6 renewable energy projects in 2022.

With a view to the wider region and Europe’s ambitious emissions reduction goals, Bryan and James consider the challenges and focal points for long-term sustainable decarbonization and transition in our region away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

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