Your career, from Associate to Partner,

will consist of clear, transparent steps comparable to those offered by global law firms. It’s all about performance – not years of experience. Your progress will depend on your performance and qualifications, rather than how many years of experience you have as a lawyer with us or elsewhere.

We are a full-service law firm covering all areas of business law. Whatever your particular area of interest is, you can count on a varied case load, with clients ranging from small firms to multinational corporations and government bodies.

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If you have any questions, please contact Fiona Altmann and Lisa Toth from our HR Team.

Furthermore, Nadine Pfuner (Associate) and Nikolaus Wollner (former Legal Trainee and now Associate) will answer your questions directly.

As a Legal Trainee, you will be able to work part-time (10–30 hours per week) and support our lawyers on an ongoing basis. You will be fully involved in the day-to-day work of your legal team. While assisting our lawyers on ongoing cases, you’ll be exposed to interesting work, with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to our daily business. We usually offer these positions to advanced students who are interested in staying with us as Associates once they have graduated from law school.

We can offer you various opportunities before you complete your university degree or before you register with the local bar association. Would you like more detailed information?

Internships in our CEE/SEE offices

Some of our offices in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe hire Legal Interns on similar terms to those described above. Please contact the relevant local office manager directly for further information.

Students and graduates

Are you a junior law student?

It’s never too early to start researching which law firm is right for you. Attend one of our events, workshops or meet us at a job fair. These are good places to make personal connections and find out whether the chemistry is right. Alternatively, you may prefer to focus on helping our teams of lawyers in an administrative capacity on a part-time basis.

Looking for a legal Internship in Vienna?

Join us for one month (full-time) in February, July, August or September. You will be fully involved in the day-to-day work of your legal team. While assisting our lawyers on ongoing cases, you’ll be exposed to interesting work, with the opportunity to find out whether a career as a lawyer is right for you, and whether our law firm is the right fit. To accompany this decision-making process, your internship will include comprehensive feedback and career sessions with one of our HR experts and your personal mentor who guides you through the internship as a personal and professional advisor.

Assessment Centre for Legal Internships in Vienna

An invitation to our ‘Career Day’ will be sent to you via e-mail (one-day assessment).

  • Individual assessment: send a short response to a new client.
  • Group assessment: meet with colleagues, client meeting, preparation of strategy for negotiations where you need to reach a settlement for the client.
  • Personal assessment: introduce yourself in English and tell us about your personality, strengths, and motivation for seeking an internship.
  • Individual feedback: we will notify you of our decision within a few days and provide you with extensive feedback regarding your performance.

If you have any questions regarding your application for a legal internship, don’t hesitate to contact us before the application deadline.

Career path for lawyers

As an Associate

you will be a law school graduate in the first stage of your professional development. In most countries you will, at least initially, be registered with the local bar association as an apprentice as you prepare to become an attorney. You will be assigned to a mentor partner and his/her team, where you’ll start to develop your legal skills. Among other things, this will involve working in teams with other lawyers and receiving instructions, feedback, and on-the-job training from senior lawyers. This will give you the opportunity to learn from different senior lawyers and gain exposure at an early stage in your career.

As you become more experienced, you will start to specialize in at least one field of law or practice (group), and you’ll start advising clients as you become an expert in your particular field. As an Associate, you will learn how teams are set up for various projects, how to use your time efficiently, and how to handle clients’ requests.

As a Senior Associate

you will be a registered attorney-at-law with an appropriate number of years of relevant experience as an Associate or as a comparable professional. You will have substantial responsibility for the files assigned to you, and you will have successfully completed all required Wolf Theiss School of Excellence training modules. The purpose of this step is to ensure that the valuable contribution you make to our firm’s clients over the long term is appropriately rewarded.

As a Consultant

you will be a registered attorney-at-law with special skills valuable to the firm, and with individual targets. This position will also allow you to serve as a part-time practitioner who works in association with the firm and contributes legal know-how. This will allow you to focus the remainder of your energy on personal projects, such as family, university, or business-related projects.

As Counsel

you will be an outstanding registered attorney-at-law. Formally or informally you will have teamed up with younger lawyers with whom you work regularly. You will have a proven track record as a Senior Associate, supervise and oversee the development of junior lawyers, and act as a firm-wide role model. This position is for high-performers who are on partner track.

As a Partner

you will have already built a sustainable client base, and you will assume full responsibility for a team of lawyers and for projects, without the need for regular supervision of the team’s work outcomes and commercial success. Through your character, integrity, and behaviour, you will act as a role model within the firm.


Areas of law

After joining us, you will be assigned to a mentor partner appropriate to your field of interest and experience. Although each team has a different legal focus, they are all integrated into one of our practice groups depending on the areas of law and the industry covered by the team. Our practice groups are also a platform for know-how transfer and, most importantly, training.