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2023 Romanian Chapter Update: WT Guide for RES Electricity in CEE & SEE

Since 2020, the ambitious targets adopted by the EU Member States for 2030 have proven to be a significant catalyst for the development of renewable energy projects in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CEE/SEE). Meanwhile, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine emphasizes the increased urgency and need for energy security for all European nations as they seek to eschew vulnerability by choosing to transition away from dependency on imported Russian oil and gas. Recent changes to Romanian legislation have required an update to the Guide’s Romanian chapter, which supersedes the nation-specific information included in the RES-Electricity Guide published in August 2022.

2023 Update to the Romanian Chapter of the Wolf Theiss Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Resources

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The Wolf Theiss quick-access RES-Electricity Guide is a critical resource for practitioners and industry experts that addresses RES-Electricity legislation / regulations in 12 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Each country chapter includes: 1) an executive market summary of RES facilities, 2) key changes to the RES support scheme, 3) significant/expected changes in 2023.