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Code of Good Practice for renewable energy in Romania

Wolf Theiss’ RES team in Romania joined the RWEA (Romania’s Wind Energy Association) initiative and has actively contributed to launch Romania’s first Code of Good Practice for Renewable Energy, the aim of which is to help stakeholders navigate the full process, from permitting and development to repowering & decommissioning.

The Code comes at a crucial time in the country’s energy transition, to acknowledge past successes, highlight sector specific challenges and opportunities, and bring together public and private stakeholders united by one simple mission – to create a framework that is both climate friendly and economically viable, for generations to come.

RWEA compiled the lessons that have been learned by a 10+ years mature industry to kick off a second wave of RES developments with a long-term vision in mind. The country’s National Energy & Climate Plan (NECP) envisions an additional 6 GW of RES capacities needed by 2030, which in turn means immense economic opportunity for investors in Romania and the possible launch of a national industry supply chain.

Wolf Theiss’ RES team in Romania (Partner Bryan Jardine and Senior Associate Adina Aurel) is the co-author of this Code together with InvestmentReports (Irina Negoiţă and Sorina Dumitru) and EPG representative (Radu Dudău).

Code of good practice for renewable energy in Romania

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