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The Wolf Theiss Guide to Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in CEE & SEE

Market and geopolitical factors drive renewed focus on renewable energy production

  • the laws / regulations governing the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES-Electricity) are of major interest to companies focused on this dynamic and important sector
  • the conflict in Ukraine has underscored the urgent need for energy security
  • coupled with tech improvements in the generation / storage of RES-Electricity, these factors will spur increased regional investments into this sector

The quick-access Wolf Theiss RES-Electricity Guide is a critical resource for practitioners and industry experts

  • RES-Electricity legislation / regulations in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Country chapters include: 1) executive market summary of RES facilities, 2) key changes to RES support scheme, 3) significant/expected changes in 2022
  • All country chapters follow a uniform structure to facilitate cross-referencing

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