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Waste to Energy in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe

Wolf Theiss is pleased to publish the first edition (2016) of “The Wolf Theiss Waste to Energy Guide in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe” (the “WtE Guide”).

Coupled with the successful “Wolf Theiss Guide to: Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources in Central, Eastern & Southeastern Europe” (the “RES Guide” – now in its seventh edition for 2016), the WtE Guide underscores Wolf Theiss’ commitment as a leading energy law firm in CEE/SEE to identify and assess for its clients those innovative areas that we believe will shape the fundamental energy profile of Europe in the years ahead.

With the increased emphasis on waste management in the EU, especially following the adoption of Directive 2008/98/EC on Waste (the so-called “Waste Framework Directive”), the Member States of the EU and those aspiring to accede thereto must tackle the issue of proper waste management and disposal.

With the publication of the WtE Guide, our aim is to bring an insight into the laws and regulations pertinent to waste to energy production in 14 jurisdictions in the region, including the 13 countries where Wolf Theiss has offices or cooperation arrangements, as well as Kosovo.

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Waste to energy in CEE & SEE

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