Your Career

Your career as a lawyer.

Our clients’ success is our top priority. That means we need outstanding lawyers who can handle complex matters, and also know how to listen and track down opportunities.

Are you ready for a career in law? Why not consider a leading law firm that can help you become an expert in your field? Just a thought.

How best to accomplish that? It’s no longer enough to merely be a good lawyer – you also need to be a businessperson and an industry expert.

We can help you develop the skill sets you need to thrive in today’s demanding legal world, as a lawyer, manager and entrepreneur. Investing in your development is one of our key objectives.

Are you a business professional?

It takes more than just lawyers to run a law firm. Our business professionals help our lawyers to work faster and more efficiently and are crucial to our operations.

What field are you in?

As a leading law firm we need different people in different fields who can work together. Around half of our workforce are non-lawyers, including Assistants and other employees in a wide range of fields such as marketing, finance and IT (and here in Human Resources).

Take a look at our job vacancies and submit your application.

Job openings

HR Contact

Fiona Altmann
Legal Recruiting, Austria

Lisa Toth
Employer Branding, Austria
Jennifer Raine
Office Operations Manager, Austria

If you want to apply for one of our open positions, please click the “Apply Online Button” at the bottom of each job advertisement. For frequently asked questions, please see our Job Application FAQs. If you have any other written request, please contact us at or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, XING or LinkedIn.


Our Office Operation Managers will be happy to answer any questions regarding local job opportunities if none of our open positions match your profile.

Judit Baber
Office Operations Manager, Hungary
Silvia Sastinska
Office Operations Manager, Slovak Republic
Mihaela Hodivoianu
Head of Business Services, Romania
Marijana Munjic
Office Opertions Manager, Serbia
Valerie Novotna
Office Operations Manager, Czech Republic
Anna Suwińska
Office Operations Manager, Poland
Vedrana Peka
Office Operations Manager, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Dubravka Pavic
Office Operations Manager, Croatia

Viktorija Rojnik Kocjančič
Office Operations Manager, Slovenia
Vita Shakhtyor
Office Operations Manager, Ukraine
Alketa Sino
Office Operations Manager, Albania
Sara Stoimenova
Office Operations Manager, Bulgaria