Corporate Culture

Our values

Diversity is an asset
Approximately half of our lawyers are women, and our people come from around 20 different countries. English is our firm’s official language, although each office also uses its local language in day-to-day operations, of course. In total, around 30 different languages are spoken within the firm. We know the value of diversity.

Focus on essentials
We believe that expertise isn’t necessarily just a question of having the relevant academic qualifications. We adapt to our international clients’ corporate culture and focus on the essentials: their needs. Our clients trust us to understand their business, want us to go the extra mile when needed, and expect us to offer a consistently high level of service, including customized services with tight deadlines.

Team players needed
Working in a small team can sometimes feel like working at a small law firm within a larger one. What matters is that employees support each other pro-actively and enjoy collaboration. Whenever specialist advice is needed, our lawyers work together to seek solutions across multiple practice areas and jurisdictions.

Professional growth
Our clients expect excellent work outcomes. We offer employees opportunities for training and professional growth, and in turn expect high levels of commitment, loyalty, and motivation. We involve junior lawyers in client communication at an early stage to increase their understanding of our business and promote their lawyering skills.

Entrepreneurship wanted
Innovative ideas and the ability to think outside the box are important to us, and we’re always happy to discuss new or more effective ways to develop our business.

Knowledge sharing
Size is an advantage not just for our clients but also for our lawyers, as it provides plenty of opportunity for fruitful sharing of know-how with colleagues. Knowledge-sharing and the passing-on of know-how to younger lawyers is one of our key objectives.

As a firm we are free from elaborate hierarchies
We deliberately avoid inflexible hierarchies and bureaucracy, as our collaborative activities are shaped by our international work across countries, teams and practice groups. What you achieve and how you reach your targets is what matters. We believe having a confident, professional demeanour is more important than e.g. an official dress code.

Individual needs call for individual arrangements, particularly for female lawyers who have young children and may need additional flexibility when it comes to organizing their time and meeting revenue targets. We trust you to make your own assessments of how to manage your workload. Rather than insisting on core working hours, we put emphasis on meeting the relevant deadlines.