Corporate Culture

One Region. One Firm. Countless Mindsets.

At Wolf Theiss, we believe that creating a positive and supportive corporate culture is essential to the success of our business and the satisfaction of our employees. We are committed to fostering a workplace where diversity, innovation, and collaboration are valued, and where individuals can grow both personally and professionally. Please note that while we have a consistent set of values and practices across our offices, the specifics of our corporate culture may vary slightly depending on location.

Diversity is an asset
Approximately half of our lawyers are women, and our staff come from around 20 different countries. Although English is our firm’s official language each office also uses its local language in day-to-day operations. In total, around 30 different languages are spoken within the firm. We know the value of diversity. Read more here.

Entrepreneurship Wanted
Innovative ideas and the ability to think outside the box are important to us, and we’re always happy to discuss new or more effective ways to develop our business.

From values to action: Our ESG commitment
At Wolf Theiss, we value ESG factors’ importance for our clients and the world. Our ESG Manager integrates sustainable practices and upholds our responsibilities to the community and the planet. We believe that ESG considerations benefit both society and our business, and we are dedicated to promoting these values in all our work.

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Focus on Essentials
We believe that expertise isn’t necessarily just a question of having the relevant academic qualifications. In order to focus on the needs of our clients, we adapt to the corporate culture of our international clients. We are trusted to understand their business, to go the extra mile when needed and we are expected to offer a consistently high level of service, including customised services with tight deadlines.

Knowledge Sharing
With so much expertise at our fingertips, we prioritise the sharing of our knowledge and know-how throughout our offices. This is an advantage for our clients, our lawyers and especially benefits our younger lawyers.

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Team Players Needed
Big firm or small firm? Why not have both! At Wolf Theiss you have the intimacy of working in a small team with the specialist advice and support of a larger firm at your disposal, should you need it. Our teams pro-actively support and collaborate with one another and are able to seek solutions across multiple practice areas and jurisdictions.

We understand that individual needs require individual arrangements, especially for those who have young children and may need additional flexibility when it comes to managing their time and meeting revenue targets. We trust our employees to assess how best to manage their workload and prioritise meeting relevant deadlines over adhering to strict working hours.

Professional Growth
Our clients expect excellent results. To ensure this we offer our employees many opportunities for training and professional growth, and in turn expect high levels of commitment, loyalty, and motivation. Junior lawyers are involved in client communication at an early stage to increase their understanding of our business and enhance their skills as a lawyer.

As a firm we are free from elaborate hierarchies
Your achievements and how you reach your targets is what matters. Our collaborative activities are shaped by our international work across countries, teams and practice groups and as such we deliberately avoid inflexible hierarchies and bureaucracy. We believe having a confident, professional demeanour is more important than an official dress code, for example.

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Building networks,
not borders.