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Resilience in Transformation

Solutions for a Shifting Landscape

In a world marked by constant change, resilience is key. Join Wolf Theiss in navigating the challenges of a shifting legal landscape. Explore innovative solutions to ensure resilience in the face of transformation. Our legal experts will guide you through strategic approaches for adapting to change and emerging stronger.

Regulatory & Administrative Law

Amidst the shifting legal landscape of regulatory and administrative law, Wolf Theiss provides clients with strategic guidance and proactive solutions to navigate complex changes. By leveraging our deep expertise and tailored legal support, we help clients achieve compliance, mitigate risks and capitalise on new opportunities.

Banking & Finance

Within the constantly evolving domain of Banking and Finance in the EU, Wolf Theiss offers clients expert advice and innovative strategies for managing regulatory complexities. Our keen industry knowledge and customised legal approach empower our clients to adapt and thrive in this dynamic financial territory.

Regulatory & Administrative Law

As a central characteristic of the dynamic arena of Regulatory and Administrative Law within the European Union, constant changes present both challenges and opportunities for businesses. Navigating these complexities requires not only a deep understanding of the evolving legal framework but also a proactive approach to compliance and risk management. Wolf Theiss, with its extensive experience and specialised knowledge, is uniquely positioned to guide clients through this ever-changing environment. We are committed to helping clients not only manage these changes but also leverage them to become stronger and more resilient. Through our tailored legal strategies and comprehensive support, we ensure that our clients stay ahead of regulatory developments and capitalise on the opportunities they present.

European Commission proposes five substantial initiatives to enhance EU economic security

In late January 2024, the European Commission proposed significant initiatives aimed at strengthening EU economic security. These measures will require heightened efforts from those involved in trade and foreign investments to ensure compliance. The initiatives address key risks including supply chain resilience, critical infrastructure security, technology security and economic dependencies. Affected parties will need to adjust their regulatory compliance strategies to manage new obligations and risk areas.

EC Proposal to enhance EU economic security set to further harmonise FDI Screening throughout the EU

In April 2024, the European Commission proposed significant revisions to the current foreign direct investment (FDI) screening regulation. These changes aim to create a more consistent and harmonised approach across the EU, enhancing security and reducing compliance costs. Key proposals include mandatory FDI screenings, enhanced legal frameworks and broader review scopes for investments. This Client Alert provides detailed insights into the proposed amendments and their implications for businesses and investors.

Representative Actions Directive Tracker

The Representative Actions Directive (EU) 2020/1828 marks a pivotal shift towards a unified approach to collective redress across EU Member States, enhancing the protection of consumer rights. This directive, part of the EU Commission's "New Deal for Consumers," mandates that Member States establish procedures enabling qualified entities to pursue collective actions for injunctions, damages and other redress measures on behalf of consumers.

Stay informed about the current status and progress of the directive's implementation in different EU countries with our detailed tracker. This tool provides insights into national legislative changes, the risks for companies and the specific provisions adopted by each Member State.

Lexology In-Depth: Product Regulation and Liability, edition 11

Discover the latest edition of the Product Regulation and Liability publication, providing insights into product liability frameworks worldwide. Explore key legislation, regulatory oversight, litigation procedures and more, including contributions from experts across various jurisdictions.

Our colleagues Eva Spiegel and Dominik Szerencsics have contributed to the chapter covering Austria.

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The European Commission's initiatives mark a pivotal shift towards reinforcing economic security. These measures will necessitate businesses to significantly adapt their regulatory compliance strategies to address enhanced monitoring, assessments and controls. By doing so, companies will better navigate the emerging economic security risks posed by geopolitical tensions, technological changes and economic dependencies.

-Kurt Retter, Partner, Vienna

Banking & Finance

In the rapidly evolving realm of the EU's Banking and Finance sector, constant regulatory changes and market shifts pose significant challenges for businesses. Successfully negotiating this complex landscape requires a strategic approach and a keen insight into the regulatory environment. Wolf Theiss is at the forefront of providing clients with the guidance and support they need to manage these changes effectively. Our dedicated team is devoted to assisting clients in adapting to new regulations and in seizing opportunities for growth and innovation. We empower our clients and help prepare them for the future of the financial industry.

Insolvency Proceedings in CEE & SEE

Dive into our detailed guide covering insolvency proceedings across the CEE and SEE region. This comprehensive resource offers country-specific insights into the intricate legal frameworks governing insolvency, creditor rights and debt recovery. Whether you're a legal professional, business owner or creditor, our guide provides invaluable information to navigate the complexities of insolvency effectively.

Key Events: Navigating MiFID II and MiCAR

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