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TechLaw 2024

Leading Legal Solutions for a Digital World

As technology continues to shape the legal landscape, Wolf Theiss is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge legal solutions. TechLaw 2024 focuses on navigating the legal complexities of a digital world. Stay informed about the latest legal developments in technology and position your business for success.

Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Our firm recognises the transformative power of telecommunications, media and technology in shaping modern business and society. We offer the entire range of TMT players a full spectrum of services, from regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection to mergers & acquisitions and dispute resolution. We tailor our approach to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the TMT sector, ensuring our clients remain competitive and compliant in a rapidly transforming environment.

Data &

At Wolf Theiss, we understand that data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Our comprehensive suite of services supports businesses that seek to thrive in the digital world and benefit from the untapped potential of data. From legal advisory on data privacy and protection, data management and data governance to the preparation for and handling of cyber incidents, we are dedicated to protecting our clients' valuable information assets.

Blockchain &
Crypto Assets

Wolf Theiss is deeply committed to supporting clients in harnessing the potential of blockchain and crypto assets. Our multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive services, including regulatory compliance, transaction structuring and dispute resolution. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this innovative technology and we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of each client.

TMT – Telecommunications, Media & Technology

In a world driven by rapid advancements in telecommunications, media and technology, Wolf Theiss is committed to providing exceptional support when it comes to navigating the complexities of the evolving legal landscape. With a deep understanding of the TMT industries, our experts stay at the forefront of technological and regulatory developments. Whether you are a telecommunications provider, media company, technology company, or a company in another sector seeking to thrive in the digital world, Wolf Theiss delivers the insights and legal strategies needed to drive technological innovation.

AI Act – new rules for tech companies

The AI Act will take full effect by late 2026, with certain provisions, such as the ban on high-risk AI systems, being enforced as early as 2024. This new regulation introduces comprehensive requirements for entities developing and deploying AI systems, including stringent obligations for high-risk AI systems and general-purpose AI systems.

Our article, contributed by Jakub Pietrasik, Zuzanna Nowak-Wrobel and Julia Biedrzycka, guides you through the new framework and its practical implications, helping businesses understand their new responsibilities.

Digital Services Act explained: new obligations for online businesses and other digital services

The EU Digital Services Act (DSA) introduces significant new compliance requirements for digital services operating within the EU, affecting a broad range of online businesses. These obligations, which vary based on the type and size of the service, aim to enhance transparency, accountability and user protection. As these comprehensive rules will be fully applicable from 17 February 2024, it's crucial for affected businesses to prepare accordingly. Learn more about the specific requirements and how to navigate this regulatory framework in the full article.

TMT Deals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – An Update

Recent years have seen remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence. ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 initially transformed the landscape with sophisticated text and image generation. ´The ongoing development of Open AI's GPT and Google's Gemini large language models further enhanced AI with multimodal capabilities, integrating text, image and speech processing. AI now significantly impacts various sectors, from enhancing customer interactions and creative content generation to assisting in healthcare diagnostics. In the legal field, AI streamlines contract analysis, predicts case outcomes and automates routine tasks, thus improving efficiency and accuracy. As AI's integration deepens, ethical use and regulation become critical issues. Our "Artificial Intelligence (AI) – An Update" webinar series explores AI's latest developments with regard to the tools themselves and regulations, while also addressing how issues such as copyright, liability and data security come into play.

Recent changes in Hungarian e-commerce and consumer protection regulations

Effective early 2024, Hungary has implemented significant updates to its consumer protection regulations. These changes include enhanced consumer complaint processes, increased fines for violations, expanded authority powers and a new mandate for e-commerce providers to offer local postal delivery options.

Digital Law Podcast Series

Beyond VLOPs and Gatekeepers: Countdown to the full application of the EU Digital Services Act (DSA)

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is meant to revolutionise the regulatory landscape for online intermediary services across the European Union. Fully in effect since 17 February 2024, the DSA imposes extensive new compliance obligations on a wide range of digital businesses. Following its initial application to very large online platforms and search engines in August 2023, the DSA now extends to all covered services, fundamentally altering how digital intermediaries operate within the EU. This article delves into the core aspects of the DSA, including its scope and key compliance requirements.

The Data Act covers the full range of stakeholders, being businesses, consumers and governments, so it has a very broad scope of application impacting different players.

-Roland Marko, Partner, Vienna

Data & Cybersecurity

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping the business landscape, Wolf Theiss provides comprehensive guidance to companies that want to leverage the power of data, while ensuring its responsible use and protection. We offer tailored solutions that prioritise business needs and help our clients navigate compliance by applying stringent regulatory standards and mitigating risk.

Digital Law Podcast Series

GDPR and EU Digital Strategy

Explore the interplay between GDPR and the EU's Digital Strategy in our latest Wolf Theiss Soundshot Podcast episode. Hosts Klara Miletic and Flavius Florea dive into how the AI Act, Data Act, Digital Services Act and ePrivacy Directive impact personal data protection. Discover the potential risks involved when AI and IoT handle data, along with the future of digital law.

Data Act

In this episode, we delve into the EU Data Act, a pioneering regulation for data sharing and interoperability within the EU. The Act will impact many sectors and create new business opportunities driven by data. Companies must review their data practices to comply by September 2025.

Our experts, Roland Marko, Paulina Pomorski and Peter Ihasz, discuss the Act's effects on B2C and B2B relationships, data sharing, trade secret protection and reasonable compensation for data sharing.

Our References

Our Data Protection & Cybersecurity Events

Especially in the legal field, many aspects of crpytocurrencies are unclear and subject to change. The answers outlined are not to be seen as final solutions to open legal questions, but rather as first ideas.

-Niklas Schmidt, Partner, Vienna

Blockchain & Crypto Assets

Wolf Theiss is renowned for its extensive expertise in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With a keen understanding of the legal complexities and regulatory frameworks that govern digital assets, our team offers unparalleled guidance to clients navigating this dynamic landscape. Our interdisciplinary approach combines deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge legal insights, positioning Wolf Theiss as a trusted advisor for businesses and investors seeking to innovate and thrive in the crypto ecosystem.

Crypto ABC

Our Crypto ABC glossary is your comprehensive guide to the world of cryptocurrencies, from A to Z.

Wolf Theiss is here to help you navigate the complex world of digital assets and distributed ledger technology. Whether you're a seasoned blockchain enthusiast or new to the field, our glossary explains terms from Abyss token to Zk-SNARKs. Stay informed with the latest developments and innovations in the crypto space through our expertly curated entries.

At Wolf Theiss, we pride ourselves on providing expert legal insights in the rapidly changing landscape of crypto assets and blockchain applications.

Key Events: Navigating MiFID II and MiCAR

Custody of Crypto-Assets

The latest publication by STEP, a global professional body devoted to family estate planning, “Decoding Digital Assets: An Overview for Practitioners,” is now out. This publication explores the evolving definition of “assets” to include non-tangible property such as cryptocurrency, NFTs and data.
Niklas Schmidt contributes with an article titled “Custody of Crypto-Assets,” examining the pros and cons of self-custody and external custody of crypto-assets.

WT Crypto Academy

Led by Niklas Schmidt, our distinguished partner at Wolf Theiss, the WT Crypto Academy offered an in-depth exploration of the technological and economic aspects of crypto assets and blockchains. This unique educational initiative covered a wide range of topics, from the origins of Bitcoin to advanced subjects like DeFi and NFTs. Participants benefited from Niklas Schmidt's extensive hands-on experience and practical insights, gaining a solid foundation in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

For those who missed it, rest assured that Wolf Theiss, guided by experts like Niklas Schmidt, remains at the forefront of crypto education, ready to assist with your blockchain and digital asset needs.