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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – An Update

2023 is set to be a breakthrough year for Artificial Intelligence (AI): In September 2022, Dall-E 2 (a program that can generate digital images from natural language) was opened up to the public. In November 2022, ChatGPT (a chatbot that can answer complex questions) was launched.

Both models have captured the popular imagination and left their mark on social media. Since then, there has been a torrent of other applications leveraging AI.

As the capabilities continue to expand, businesses will turn to AI-based solutions to improve decision-making, streamline operations, and increase organizational productivity.

We would like to invite you to three webinar sessions dealing with this exciting (and maybe scary) world. Please see the program details below.

First Session – 10 March 2023 (Recording)

  • What are the AI productivity tools that you should be using right now (and that your kids have been using in the last few months)? – presented by Niklas Schmidt

Second Session – 31 March 2023 (Recording)

  • Who owns the copyright for artwork generated by AI programs such as Midjourney or Dall-E 2? – presented by Paulina Pomorski
  • Can AI systems such as ChatGPT be liable for copyright infringement based on the data sets they use, and can artists get compensation? – presented by Peter Ihasz
  • Who is responsible if an AI assisted product such as a self-driving car causes harm to somebody? – presented by Jakub Pietrasik
  • Are there any restrictions for employers using AI systems? – presented by Isabel Firneis

Third Session – 28 April 2023 (Recording)

  • What legal consequences can the usage of AI generated deep fakes regarding images or video entail? – presented by Flavius Florea
  • What data protection issues can the usage of AI cause, and what should you be aware of if your robotic vacuum cleaner passes by? – presented by Roland Marko
  • What should you know about the EU’s proposed AI Act? – presented by Markus Aigner
  • What did I find out after trying one of the new chatbot lawyers? – presented by Angelika Zotter