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Digital Law: Data Act

Our new episode of the Wolf Theiss Soundshot Podcast is the fourth in our “Digital Law” series.

In this episode, we delve into the EU Data Act, a pioneering regulation establishing a framework for data sharing and interoperability within the EU and beyond. The Act is expected to have far-reaching implications across many sectors of the economy and create new business opportunities driven by data – (raw) machine data, as well as personal data. It will require companies to review their data management practices and the design of their products and services. This must be done within just over a year, as the Act becomes applicable in September 2025.

Our experts Roland Marko, Paulina Pomorski and Peter Ihasz discuss the impact of the Act on B2C and B2B relationships and the sectors most affected, where connected products and services, IoT and industrial data are playing an increasingly prominent role. They address practical aspects of data sharing, questions around the protection of trade secrets and the concept of reasonable compensation for sharing data.

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