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ESG in depth: (S)ocial

Sometimes eclipsed by an intense focus on (e)nvironmental topics, social factors are increasnigly scrutinised by investors and consumers.

Social ESG criteria cover a wide range of issues and depend significantly on industry/sector. Effectively identifying and managing relevant social issues in your business requires an initial assessment/mapping followed by clear monitoring and mitigation procedures.

Our clients frequently request support with:

  • health and safety
  • diversity and inclusion
  • HR policies and employment issues
  • supplier monitoring
  • consumer rights
  • and local community engagement.

ESG: focus on (S)ocial

We support companies to navigate a range of social issues from labour standards, workplace health and safety, employment policies and diversity and inclusion.

Unfolding the back-to-office trend and remaining attractive to employees

Hristina Dzhevlekova and Andreea Stan look at how the previous trend towards flexi-work has developed in the “post-Covid environment” and is now turning into a back-to-the-office trend.

Data protection in the recruitment process

Paulina Pomorski and Magdalena Ziembicka look at questions related to data protection in the job application process: from general issues of processing applicants’ personal data, background checks and obtaining references to the use of algorithms in the application process and processing and storing application records. (in German)

Until now, a strong focus was placed on “E”, but in the upcoming period we expect to see significant developments in the “S” and “G” areas as well. Not only will companies need to adhere to new compliance requirements, but existing business practices will be fundamentally changed. Business relations will be impacted by the increasing need for transparency in deal-making and the realisation of sustainable corporate governance.

– Dora Gazi Kovacevic, Partner

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion at Wolf Theiss


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