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December 9, 2022

The Insolvency Review 2022 – Austria & Hungary

The Insolvency Review offers an in-depth review of the most consequential features of the insolvency laws and procedures in key jurisdictions worldwide. It also examines the practical implications of recent market trends and insolvency case developments. This 10th edition of The Insolvency Review once again offers an in-depth review of market conditions and insolvency case […]...

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December 5, 2022

Croatia’s switch to EUR: checklist for companies

The Croatian Companies Act has been recently amended in order to set the rules for conversion of share capital and stock / share amounts from HRK to EUR. We have prepared a checklist of actions companies should take to implement mandatory conversions. New EUR amounts The table below sets out new EUR amounts of minimum […]...

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November 30, 2022

Verfassungsrechtliche Transparenzpflicht ab 1. Jänner 2023

Verfassungsrechtlich verankerte Transparenzpflicht trifft auch öffentliche Auftraggeber Mit 1. Jänner 2023 tritt eine durch den Nationalrat beschlossene verfassungsgesetzliche Transparenzpflicht des Art 20 Abs 5 Bundesverfassungsgesetz (“B-VG”) in Kraft, welche konkrete Veröffentlichungsverpflichtungen vorsieht. Studien, Gutachten und Umfragen samt deren Kosten sind zu veröffentlichen Die in Art 20 Abs 5 B-VG neu verankerte Transparenzpflicht legt fest, dass […]...

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November 17, 2022

Slovenia – New rules on end-user agreements for electronic communications services

Electronic Communications Act 2 The new Electronic Communications Act has been adopted and is applicable as of 10 November 2022. The main reason for adopting the new Electronic Communications Act (ECA-2) is the transposition of the Electronic Communications Code (Directive (EU) 2018/1972). While ECA-2 has introduced numerous changes to the regulatory framework for electronic communications […]...

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November 16, 2022

Romania: The single industrial license – one step closer to less bureaucracy

The Government Emergency Ordinance no. 140/2022 regarding the single industrial license (“GEO 140/2022”) was published in the Official Gazette on October 20, 2022 and entered into force on its publication date. As a general note, GEO 140/2022 sets out the legal framework regarding the issuance of the single industrial license and aims to simplify the […]...

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November 10, 2022

New Slovenian Prevention of Restriction of Competition Act

The new Prevention of Restriction of Competition Act1 (“PRCA-2”) entered into force on 26 October 2022 and will apply as of 26 January 2023. PRCA-2 was adopted to ensure a more effective implementation of the tasks and competences of the Competition Protection Agency and in order to transpose Directive (EU) 2019/1 to empower the competition […]...

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November 2, 2022

Slovakia: Labour Code amendment focuses on transparency & work life balance

Working conditions and work-life balance are the focus of new legislative trends The aim of the Labour Code amendment which imposes new obligations on employers is to secure transparent and predictable working conditions, and to bring about a better work-life balance for employees. This relatively extensive amendment transposes the EU Directive on transparent and predictable […]...

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October 28, 2022

Slovenia – it’s time to revise your consumer protection compliance

Consumer Protection Act 1.0 The new Consumer Protection Act entered into force on 26 October 2022, and it is set to apply as of 26 January 2023 The main legislative changes brought by the new Consumer Protection Act (“CPA-1”) relate to the transposition of Directive 2019/771/EU (the Sale of Goods Directive), Directive 2019/770/EU (the Digital […]...

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October 27, 2022

Significant overhaul of the Romanian labour code

The Romanian Labour Code has recently experienced significant changes. On 19 October 2022, Law 283/2022 for the amendment and complement of Law 53/2003 – the Labour Code, as well as for the amendment and complement of GEO 57/2019 regarding the Administrative Code was published in the Official Gazette. Focusing on the employment side of Law 283/2022, through these […]...

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October 25, 2022

The Unitary Patent System creates a new possibility for patent protection in the European landscape

*this article is available for download below in English and German Unitary Patent System offers new opportunities for companies in Europe and will strongly influence strategic considerations After years of negotiations, the European patent with unitary effect (“Unitary Patent”) and the Unified Patent Court are about to come into existence. This will add a new […]...

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October 19, 2022

Slovenia: state aid to businesses in times of an energy crisis

*available also in Slovenian below Government provides non-reimbursable grants for businesses to cope with extremely large increases in energy prices On 10 September 2022, the Law determining the aid to the economy due to high electricity and natural gas prices1 (“ZPGVCEP”) entered into force. The state will provide non-reimbursable grants to businesses to co-finance the […]...

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October 14, 2022

EU sanctions against Russia and updates to compliance programmes

Newest EU sanctions take direct aim at oil shipments. Enforcement in certain areas remains problematic After Russia recently illegally annexed several regions of Ukraine (Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson) in late September, the response of the European Union came quickly and as anticipated. By adopting its eighth package of sanctions, the EU joins the Group […]...

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