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ESG in depth: (G)overnance

“Governance” includes a broad range of topics that businesses are familiar with, but the key is effective implementation of policies and procedures.

In terms of ESG, governance includes topics such as: tax honesty, anti-corruption measures, sustainable management by the management board, remuneration based on sustainable business activities, whistle blowing policies and procedures, and data protection compliance. Our specialists can help you to manage:

  • internal procedures and controls
  • transparency (reporting)
  • possible exposure to corrupt practices
  • executive compensation
  • ethical code / code of conduct
  • possible exposure to political influence
  • tax and structuring issues
  • ESG reporting and management
  • formal policies and systems to manage ESG issues
  • and roles and responsibilities within companies.

ESG: focus on (G)overnance

An integrated approach requires bringing the various spokes of your organisation together to systematically address ESG issues across the board.

Whistleblowing Tracker

As the EU’s Whistleblowing Directive is expected to be implemented in most CEE/SEE countries in 2023, our Whistleblowing Tracker follows the implementation status in 13 countries in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (EU and non-EU countries) and provides an overview of upcoming changes by country.

Legal insights on corporate governance

Topical developments in corporate governance in three key CEE/SEE jurisdictions, including expectations in each country regarding ESG- and sustainability-related reporting and transparency.

Getting whistleblowing right

Paulina Pomorski, Gernot Rauter and Helmut Waitzer

Insights on how companies can navigate various interests, rules and obligations to develop and implement an effective whistleblowing solution.

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