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ESG in depth: (E)nvironment

Beyond mere compliance, best practices can create a competitive advantage and lead to more resilient businesses.

Given the current European and global emphasis on environmental sustainability, legal and voluntary standards play an increasingly important role in many business projects including corporate aquisitions, real estate development, energy and infrastructure projects, supply chain management, green financing and more.

  • compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • the emissions of greenhouse gases
  • the conservation of energy
  • waste treatment
  • water usage
  • broader sustainability issues

ESG: focus on (E)nvironment

From sustainable construction to renewable energy, environmental considerations are increasingly built into business ventures from the ground up.

High potential EU tools for a green future

Laszlo Kenyeres and Adam Lukonits

Europe’s green transition targets cannot be met without appropriate energy storage technologies. The European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility is a potent vehicle to help make that happen.

Podcast: What Romania’s renewables market tells us about the present and future of sustainable energy

Renewables expert and Managing Partner of the firm’s Bucharest office Bryan W. Jardine takes a deep look into Romania’s renewable energy market with Mr. James Colter Eadie, who is the Founder and CEO of Jade Power Trust. Bryan and James consider the challenges and focal points for long-term sustainable decarbonization and transition in our region away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

guide cover

WT Guide: Generating Electricity from Renewable Sources

Given the current European and global emphasis on green initiatives and reduction of carbon emissions, the laws and regulations governing the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources in the Central, Eastern & Southeastern European region remain of major interest to those companies and individuals who are focused on this dynamic and increasingly important sector.

Current legal developments

Our recent experience

A key growth area in banking and finance at the moment is the green transition, including renewable energy projects. It’s going to be a very interesting year as ESG ratios continue on the daily agenda and will be one main focus points of the supervisory authorities. Wind farm projects, both onshore and offshore, sustainable housing and investment into green transitions will keep our transaction team busy.

Andrea Gritsch, Partner, Banking & Finance

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