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2 October 2023

2023 Romanian Chapter Update: WT Guide for RES Electricity in CEE & SEE

Since 2020, the ambitious targets adopted by the EU Member States for 2030 have proven to be a significant catalyst for the development of renewable energy projects in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CEE/SEE). Meanwhile, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine emphasizes the increased urgency and need for energy security for all European nations as they […]...

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22 August 2023

Wolf Theiss contributes to the Clean Energy Tool

Wolf Theiss teamed up with fellow international law firm Simmons & Simmons to provide the Austrian section to their Clean Energy Tool. The online tool is a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional resource for investors and developers in the clean energy sector. A wealth of legal and regulatory information is presented in a standardised format covering key areas […]...

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21 July 2023

Guide on Outbound Acquisitions: Tax planning for European expansion in a changing landscape

Cross border tax planning for US companies expanding into Europe has recently been heavily influenced by developments such as the OECD’S BEPS project, the EU’s directives (ATAD and DAC), the Two-Pillar-Solution, and the case law of the CJEU. Ruchelman’s Insights Volume 10 No. 4 on “Outbound Acquisitions: tax planning for European expansion in a changing […]...

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30 June 2023

Slovenia: New FDI Screening Rules
Investment Promotion Act

New FDI screening rules to begin to apply on 1 July 2023 The new FDI screening mechanism introduced by the amended Investment Promotion Act (“ZSInv“) substitutes the legal framework that was introduced in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which was temporary in nature.  Key Changes Definition of a Foreign Investor and an FDI The new […]...

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26 June 2023

Legislative Changes in Slovenia Related to Cross-Border Services and Employment of Foreign Nationals 

*This article is also available in Slovenian. Act on Cross-Border Services On 22 March 2023, an amendment to the Transnational Provision of Services Act (Zakon o čezmejnem izvajanju storitev – ZČmIS-1, “Act on Cross-Border Services“) was adopted and partially came into force on 18 April 2023, with individual provisions becoming effective on 1 January 2024.  The basis for payment of social […]...

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22 May 2023

Serbian government to launch a strategic partnership tender for self-balancing solar power plants

EPS (Elektroprivreda Srbije) seeks a strategic partner to design, build, fund, operate and maintain at least 5 new solar power plants. The purpose of the tender announced by the Serbian Government is to select a company to carry out the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of 5 or more self-balancing solar power plants, for […]...

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