14 October 2021

Do ask, do tell: LGBTIQ+ and the legal industry (Part 1)

In May 2021, Wolf Theiss became an ally of Pride Biz Austria, the umbrella organisation of Queer Business Women and Austrian Gay Professionals. Pride Biz Austria helps people and organisations understand why LGBTIQ+ Diversity is important. Since Wolf Theiss actively supports the LGBTIQ+ community and knows that much work is still to be done, we […]...

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23 September 2021

Understanding Chinese investments in Central Europe

What are the risks Chinese investors face when doing business in Europe? What are a difference between Chinese state-owned enterprises, private companies and private equity investors? And why do capital remittance control matter? Christian Mikosch, Partner for our Corporate/M&A practice and head of the Wolf Theiss China desk invited Michael Zou, Partner at Chance Bridge […]...

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2 September 2021

E-signatures: how they are regulated and how to use them

European legislation introduced the concept of electronic signatures in 1999 when the Directive on a Community framework for electronic signatures was adopted (the so called eSignature Directive). A further step was taken in July 2016 when the eIDAS Regulation came into force and set the ground for a level playing field across all EU member […]...

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12 August 2021

Financial Services Industry: Past, Present & Future

In July 2021,  the European Central Bank confirmed that it is going to be proceeding with its digital Euro project. How will this decision impact the Financial Services Industry? Our guest speakers, Silvia Attanasio – Head of Innovation at ABI –  and Petko Karamotchev – CEO of Industria Technology – have been involved in the implementation […]...

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23 July 2021

I need a holiday! Know the rules on holiday entitlement

Most employees have dealt with questions like “How and when can I plan a holiday? What if I want to re-schedule my holidays? And can I be called back to the office?”. Since holiday season is in full swing we chose a fitting topic for our latest podcast episode: Holiday entitlement and the employment law aspects […]...

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10 June 2021

Balancing work and family life: two lawyers share their views

What do the children of lawyers dream to be when they grow up? And what is it like juggling home school and home office? These were among the questions our Soundshot Community submitted. Listen to our most recent episode “Balancing work and family life: two lawyers share their views” to hear all the questions and […]...

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27 May 2021

Digital Transformation: changing how businesses deliver value

What does digitalisation mean for my company, for my sector? This is the question business leaders must constantly ask themselves, especially now that sectoral lines are blurring as a result of innovative technologies. Anna Rizova (Managing Partner of our Sofia office, expert for regulatory and commercial matters in the energy and telecommunication sectors) and János […]...

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12 May 2021

Benefits and Obstacles of Repurposing of Real Estate

What accelerating trends and paradigm shifts is the real estate market facing? In one of our previous episodes, Partner Peter Oberlechner – one of the leading real estate lawyers in Austria – discussed how Covid-19 is impacting the market in CEE/SEE; In this episode, we want to dive deeper and focus on a tool that […]...

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22 April 2021

To LL.M. or not to LL.M. – the career defining question?

After successfully completing a law degree, many attorneys ask themselves whether they should do an LL.M. (Master of Laws). Here at Wolf Theiss, we have noticed several open questions on the topic, so we decided to address them in our podcast! Associate Sofia Kovacevic and Senior Associate Markus Taufner, both members of our Disputes team, […]...

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8 April 2021

Change and Recovery – Resilience and opportunity in Central & Eastern Europe

Last year was a training course for many companies in adaptation and agility. What are the lessons learnt and what is the outlook for the upcoming months in CEE? Wolf Theiss Partners Richard Clegg and Ileana Glodeanu discuss how businesses in the CEE region adapted in 2020 & 2021 and the positive prospects for the […]...

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25 March 2021

Diversity and equality in the legal industry – A look behind the scenes

How do you support your female co-workers? What does it take to reach gender equality in the legal industry? And did you ever feel you had to fight harder for reaching your goals than your male colleagues had to?We asked Andjelka Todorović and Adelina Iftime-Blagean these and other questions to learn about their personal experiences […]...

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11 March 2021

Diversity is key – the Wolf Theiss approach to female empowerment

Female empowerment matters – not only on March 8th, International Women’s Day, but on every other day of the year. While there is still a long way to go for true gender equality (not only in the legal industry but in many other industries, too), there has already been a lot of progress – more […]...

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