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Competition Law and Sustainability

In this episode of our Soundshot podcast, Martin Gassler delves into the topic of “Competition Law and Sustainability” with our guest speakers Sonja Rentz, a lawyer at the Austrian Federal Cartel Prosecutor, and Moritz Schwarz, an economist and doctoral researcher at the University of Vienna.

They examine whether competition law has undergone a shift towards greater environmental responsibility, specifically addressing developments and the necessary trajectory for competition law and policy to align with eco-friendliness. Our experts provide an overview of the current state of affairs and interwine the subjectsof antitrust, merger control and state aid. Furthermore, they examine the European Green Deal 2019, the EU’s goal of achieving climate-neutrality by 2050 and the Austrian Cartel Act. They explore the specific conditions associated with these aspects and delve into other interesting topics, including guidelines and legal frameworks, with the support of case studies.

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