September 13 2023

You’re currently completing your legal studies or have already graduated. So, what’s next?

Studying law requires unwavering commitment similar to a full-time job, with all of the exams and essays to complete. But it’s important to already start considering your career opportunities early on. This can help you select what you want to focus on in your studies. In this episode of Wolf Theiss Soundshot, our hope is […]...

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September 13 2023

Five years of mandatory e-procurement

In this episode of our Vergaberecht podcast, Johann Hwezda and Dominik Koenig discuss the topic of “Five years of mandatory e-procurement”. They discuss mandatory e-procurement in Austria, which has been in place for public procurement since 2018. Our experts dive into the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic procurement and identify some common […]...

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July 27 2023

Staff headcount: crucial thresholds

In this episode of the Arbeitsrecht podcast by Wolf Theiss, Isabel Firneis and Magdalena Ziembicka discuss some of the most important headcount numbers Austrian employers must pay attention to. Under Austrian employment law, certain obligations or legal consequences are only triggered if a certain number of staff is employed in a company. 5 permanent employees […]...

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July 20 2023

Third countries in public procurement procedures

In this episode of our Vergaberecht podcast, Philipp J. Marboe and Johann Hwezda discuss the topic of “third countries in public procurement procedures”. They discuss the fundamental principles of public procurement law in relation to third countries and the particularities of dealing with companies from third countries in public procurement procedures. Our experts also dive […]...

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June 29 2023

ECJ decision on rest periods – Let’s do the math!

In this episode, Isabel Firneis and Matthias Unterrieder discuss a recent decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in case C-477/21 (MÁV-START). The decision states that a daily rest period must be granted in addition to the weekly rest period, even if national laws already provide employees with a weekly rest period that exceeds […]...

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June 1 2023

Conflicts of interest in the procurement procedure

Conflicts of interest in the procurement procedure In this episode of our Vergaberecht podcast, Manfred Essletzbichler and Ingrid Makarius discuss the topic of conflicts of interest in public procurement procedures. Starting from the legal basis of the conflict of interest and the group of persons covered by the regulation, they discuss measures to prevent or […]...

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May 25 2023

Corporate sustainability obligations – Deep dive into the draft directive

Episode 2 This episode of the Wolf Theiss Soundshot Podcast is the second installment of a new podcast series on the topic of corporate sustainability obligations. In the first episode, our Corporate/M&A experts Martina Edlinger and Jana Landhäußer gave a brief overview of the development of and the current corporate sustainability obligations. The second episode […]...

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May 11 2023

Corporate sustainability obligations – current developments and challenges

Corporate sustainability obligations – current developments and challenges The current episode of the Wolf Theiss Soundshot podcast introduces a new series, which will address the latest developments of the proposed EU Directive on corporate sustainability obligations. The Directive is anticipated to place due diligence obligations along the entire supply chain with regard to human rights […]...

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April 27 2023

Female Leaders in International Arbitration: Practical Advice and Shared Perspectives

In our newest edition of Wolf Theiss Soundshot, international arbitration specialist Sofia Kovačević from Wolf Theiss Vienna is joined by two guest speakers, International Arbitration Partner from Hanotiau & Van Den Berg, Iuliana Iancu, and Deputy Counsel at the ICC International Court of Arbitration Dimitra Tsakiri. Their discussion centers around their experiences within the field […]...

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April 13 2023

Parental part-time: effects on all-inclusive salaries

In this episode, Matthias Unterrieder and Dorothea Arlt discuss the intricacies of calculating reduced all-inclusive salaries during parental part-time, in light of two recent decisions by the Austrian Supreme Court. SUMMARY What is an all-inclusive salary? An all-inclusive salary is a type of lump-sum compensation for an employee that is meant to cover all of […]...

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April 6 2023

Rights and obligations in connection with rent indexation

Rights and obligations in connection with rent indexation In this episode of the Wolf Theiss Soundshot podcast, our two real estate law experts Marion Schimböck and Elisabeth Werginz take a closer look at rent indexation in relation to the current inflation rate in Austria. The majority of tenancy agreements contain value adjustment clauses that entitle […]...

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March 16 2023

What is so special about “special services”?

What is so special about “special services”? + Update on the threshold regulation. In this episode of our Vergaberecht podcasts, Silvia Feßl and Johann Hwezda from our public procurement team discuss “special services” in the sense of public procurement law. For these services, which concern such diverse areas as culture, health, and national defense, there […]...

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