22 December 2022

Public procurement in uncertain times

Public procurement in uncertain times In this new episode of our Vergaberecht podcast, Partner Wolfgang Lauchner and Counsel Johann Hwezda from our Public Procurement practice discuss supply chain disruptions, unpredictable price developments, and raw materials and energy shortages in terms of their impact on public procurement. Also addressed are the ever-present but nonetheless critically important […]...

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6 December 2022

Data protection in the recruitment process

In this episode of our Arbeitsrecht podcast, Magdalena Ziembicka and Paulina Pomorski look at questions related to data protection in the job application process: from general issues of processing applicants’ personal data, background checks and obtaining references to the use of algorithms in the application process and processing and storing application records. EPISODE SUMMARY In […]...

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10 November 2022

Artificial intelligence and the future of IP rights

In our newest edition of Wolf Theiss Soundshot, energy specialist Peter Ihasz from Wolf Theiss Budapest speaks with and tech & IP expert Flavius Florea from our Bucharest office regarding Flavius’ recent article entitled “Artificial Intelligence & the future of IP rights”. Flavius points out that the effective regulation of IP rights for AI systems […]...

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11 October 2022

Foreign employment contract templates: Austria is not Germany

In this episode of our Arbeitsrecht podcast, Isabel Firneis and Magdalena Ziembicka discuss typical pitfalls in using foreign employment contract templates and how companies can adapt them to Austrian law, including how to avoid the most common mistakes. EPISODE SUMMARY Contract formUnlike in some countries, an employment contract in Austria, with some minor exceptions, does […]...

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4 August 2022

The end of the Covid-19 quarantine in Austria

In this episode of our Arbeitsrecht podcast, Matthias Unterrieder and Isabel Firneis discuss employment law implications of the end of COVD-19 quarantine rules and the introduction of new restrictions effective as of 01 August 2022. The new regulations raise a number of questions, including whether infected employees have to inform their employer about the infection, […]...

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6 July 2022

Landmark Court Decisions in Employment Law

In the sixth episode of our podcast, Ralf Peschek and Anna Schwamberger give an overview of landmark Supreme Court cases of the last 18 months. They have selected 14 precedent-setting decisions by the Austrian Supreme Court, the Higher Regional Court of Vienna and the ECJ that consider unusual circumstances and will be relevant for employers’ […]...

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27 June 2022

Draft Austrian Whistleblower Protection Bill: first questions

In this episode Magdalena Ziembicka and Anna Schwamberger discuss the recently published Austrian Whistleblower Protection Bill draft and address questions surrounding it. For queries regarding this episode and our Wolf Theiss Arbeitsrecht podcast, please contact Episode Summary The Whistleblower Protection Bill, published by the Austrian parliament on 03 June 2022 implements the EU Whistleblower […]...

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6 April 2022

Working remotely across borders

In the fourth episode of our Arbeitsrecht podcast in German, Isabel Firneis and Anna Schwamberger pick up the topic of home office, which already received some discussion in the second episode. This time, they focus on the legal consequences in scenarios where employees perform their work from different Member States (e.g. partially in Austria and […]...

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31 March 2022

Unfolding the back-to-office trend and remaining attractive to employees

In this episode in our podcast series dedicated to new ways of working, Hristina Dzhevlekova from Bulgaria and Andreea Stan from Romania will look at how the previous trend towards flexi work has developed in the “post-Covid environment” and is now turning into a back-to-the-office trend. Stay tuned to find out more about the challenges […]...

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17 March 2022

Digital proceedings in international arbitration – Lessons learned and future impacts for state courts

The pandemic and climate change have increased the need for digital tools/communication in legal proceedings, both in arbitration and in litigation. Due to the often international nature of arbitration proceedings in particular, the practice has become a pioneer in the use of digital tools. To discuss these topics as well their impacts on state courts, […]...

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9 March 2022

7 Urban Legends des Arbeitsrechts

In dieser Folge unseres Wolf Theiss Arbeitsrecht-Podcasts nehmen Ralf Peschek und Isabel Firneis sieben Mythen aus der Arbeitswelt unter die Lupe: von Fragen im Vorstellungsgespräch über private E-Mails am Arbeitsplatz bis hin zur Kündigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses. Bei Fragen zu dieser Folge und unserem “Wolf Theiss Arbeitsrecht” Podcast wenden Sie sich bitte an

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9 March 2022

7 urban myths of employment law

In this episode Ralf Peschek and Isabel Firneis examine seven urban myths from the world of work: from illegal job interview questions and the forbidden usage of private emails at work to circumstances of termination of employment. For questions about this episode and our Wolf Theiss Arbeitsrecht podcast, please contact EPISODE SUMMARY 1. Employers […]...

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