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Employment Brief: Bulgaria switches to electronic labour records 

Bulgaria has outlined a procedure for electronic labour records (ELR) in a draft Ordinance published for public consultations on 21 May 2024.The switch to ELR will take effect on 1 June 2025, as stipulated by recent amendments to the Labour Code. This represents a significant step in the long-awaited digitalisation of employment records. 

According to the proposed Ordinance, companies will need to submit all ELRs to an employment register maintained by the National Revenue Agency (NRA). Employers, hiring authorities (for state employees) and officers of the Labour Inspectorate will be authorised to make entries, corrections and deletions in the records of the register.

ELRs can be submitted electronically with a qualified electronic signature or on a digital carrier with a cover letter signed by a representative of the employer. 

Entries for the conclusion and amendment of employment contracts shall be submitted within three days of their occurrence and in cases of termination – within seven days. 

Although the date for completing the transition is firmly set in the Labour Code, some changes to the procedure are still possible.