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17 April 2024

Green Deal: Can Europe even afford sustainability?
28 May 2024

Europe’s path in the Green Deal: Can Europe even afford sustainability?With the Green Deal, the European Commission has set the path towards climate protection and a resource-efficient and more sustainable economy. The EU should become climate neutral by 2050. The dynamics of European environmental policy have gained momentum since the introduction of the Green Deal […]...

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5 February 2024

Closing the loop: How the circular economy is transforming the real estate industry

The real estate and construction industry is considered one of the main CO2 emitters. One of the keys to reducing these emissions is the circular economy, the residual and waste-free recycling of materials and building materials. In the joint event by Wolf Theiss, ULI and DELTA, experts will talk about the potential of the circular […]...

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21 November 2023

Cross-border real estate restructuring: challenges and solutions

A Wolf Theiss Business Breakfast Cross-border restructuring poses particular challenges for companies, banks and consultants. The “side-by-side” of different applicable legal systems means that not only the assessment of whether there is a risk of insolvency must be carried out country by country – the effects of possible insolvencies are also important Group group must […]...

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6 September 2023

Der Mietpreisdeckel kommt

Die österreichische Regierung hat ein Mietrechtliches Inflationslinderungsgesetz vorgelegt. Mit 1. Oktober 2023 soll die Mietpreisbremse gesetzlich (als Verfassungsbestimmung!) festgelegt werden.   Für die nächsten drei Jahre, somit in den Jahren 2024, 2025 und 2026, soll eine Indexierung der Mieten jährlich maximal um fünf Prozent angehoben werden. Ab 1. April 2027 können Mieten dann jährlich um […]...

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3 February 2020

5 Trends to watch in Investment

Recently, the first event of our “The Future of…” series took place. The main focus was on new technologies in the area of investing and how the law reacts. 14 speakers explained in short presentations what the future of investing might look like, including what needs to be considered from a legal point of view.What […]...

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23 August 2018

Revolution in Residential Development

A new law that may revolutionise spatial planning and property development in Poland came into effect on August 22nd. The Act may heavily impact the residential market in Poland for the next 10 years. Partner and Head of Real Estate and Construction team, Tomasz Stasiak, and team member and Associate Aleksander Duma have prepared a […]...

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20 November 2017

PropTech – the silent (r)evolution in Real Estate

The real estate and property world is often seen as conservative and averse to using digital technologies. But now, Property Technology, or PropTech, is bringing big changes. New software applications allow users to take a virtual reality tour through a property or to find out all sorts of data and information about a specific piece […]...

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