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Newssquare E-Commerce platforms in the focus of the CJEU / E-Commerce Plattformen im Fokus des EUGH

E-commerce platforms are not obligated in all cases to make a telephone number available to consumers before the conclusion of the contract – there are other options.

E-Commerce Plattformen sind nicht verpflichtet, dem Verbraucher vor Vertragsabschluss stets die Telefonnummer zur Verfügung zu stellen – es gibt auch andere Optionen.

Newssquare Poland: Increase to Court Fees

On November 7, 2019, the Statute substantially amending the Civil Procedure Code and other Statutes will come into effect. However, some of the changes including the amendments to the Statute on court fees and costs in civil matters (the “Statute on Court Fees”) will come into effect much sooner on August 21, 2019.

Newssquare Serbia: New Law on Personal Data Protection

The Serbian Parliament enacted the new Law on Personal Data Protection in November 2018 (published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" no. 87/2018), which will be applicable as of 21 August 2019 (hereinafter: the "New DP Law"). Moreover, the Serbian data protection authority (hereinafter: the "DPA") has just adopted several by-laws that further elaborate on certain rights and obligations of data controllers under the New DP Law (e.g. when there is an obligation to perform personal data protection impact assessment).

Newssquare Poland - IP, IT, TMT in 2019

What does H2 2019 hold for businesses in the IP, IT, TMT sectors and what legal and regulatory trends should catch their attention?

Newssquare Der Gesellschafter: "Break Fees im Rahmen von Unternehmenstransaktionen"

Mergers & Acquisitions spielen sowohl auf nationaler als auch auf internationaler Ebene eine wesentliche Rolle im Wirtschaftsleben und sind meist für die Entwicklung bzw. den Fortbestand eines Unternehmens von wesentlicher Bedeutung. Daher kommt es in der Praxis vor, dass zumindest eine Vertragspartei besonderes Interesse an der Umsetzung der Transaktion hat und vor allem hohe Kosten einer gescheiterten Transaktion vermeiden möchte. Die Vertragsparteien vereinbaren immer häufiger sog. Break Fees, um vor allem den Verlust der Marktstellung zu verhindern, Reputationsschäden sowie das Kostenrisiko gering zu halten, d.h. die Vertragsparteien gehen eine Zahlungsverpflichtung für den Fall des...

Newssquare Cartel damages claims: European Commission Guidelines to estimate the passing-on of Harm caused by Cartels

The number of cartel damages claims before national civil courts in Europe has dramatically increased over recent years. The Damages Directive (2014/104/EU) and its implementation into national law have removed a number of obstacles faced by the alleged victims claiming cartel damages before national courts.

Newssquare Poland: Administrative Proceedings are becoming digitalized

On May 31, a new legal institution in Polish procedural law came into force. The main goal of the modifications is to further digitalize proceedings. These changes could be a positive development for the judiciary, but on the other hand, they could be viewed as negative, as certain legal constructions can generate very serious problems and threaten the interests of the parties involved.

Newssquare Upcoming Changes to the Polish Labor Code

The work on a particularly significant amendment to the Polish Labor Code has been finalized. On 20 May 2019, the Act amending the Polish Labor Code and other acts ("Act") was passed to the President of Poland for a signature. The Act contains several changes, but the two most significant are related to mobbing and the issuing of work certificates. The first one aims to encourage employers to effectively counteract mobbing and therefore expands a catalog of individuals entitled to demand compensation due to mobbing. The second change provides for an extension to applying for corrections to an employee's work certificate.

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