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Wolf Theiss enhances employee experience: new partnership with “Never at Home”

Making practical use of vacant spaces: Wolf Theiss provides the cultural project, “Never at Home”, its empty spaces for artistic performances. The aim is to create joint experiences for Wolf Theiss employees and a space for mutual exchange and development.

Demographic changes have fundamentally altered the labour market and with it the demands for and of employees. Employers are now faced with the challenging task of responding to the diverse needs and expectations of up to four generations, conveying a sense of belonging and involving all staff members in the process.

Wolf Theiss wants to meet these requirements and enhance the experience of its more than 300 employees at its Vienna office with a new additional company benefit: Through a cooperation with “Never at Home”.

“Never at Home” is an initiative that uses vacant spaces in Vienna to promote artistic positions and make them publicly accessible. Through joint exhibitions, thematic events and various workshops in the empty Wolf Theiss office spaces, employees are offered a varied programme that invites them to interact with one another, as well as with clients and artists.

Andrea Gritsch, Managing Partner of the law firm, comments on the new project,”At Wolf Theiss, we consider employee satisfaction our priority. We want to create joint experiences that are fun and thought-provoking while also giving our employees the opportunity to get to know one another better.”

The events and workshops are intended to promote team building and to expand the employees’ internal network. The aim is to connect different departments in the firm with one another, as well as with external people, who come together through a common interest in art.

“Through the cooperation with “Never at Home”, Wolf Theiss wants to provide its own employees with an additional programme outside of the usual daily routine at the law firm. There is also the possibility of incorporating employees’ wishes into the programme and thus allowing them to participate directly in creative processes,” states Sebastian Oberzaucher, also Managing Partner at Wolf Theiss.

By addressing topics relevant to Wolf Theiss, the corporate culture can be effectively realized and subsequently communicated to the outside world. In addition, the participants are motivated to get involved in new topics as well in order to broaden their horizons beyond the legal world.

“Together with “Never at Home”, we want to create an environment that fosters easy and open communication for our employees , which can develop their networking potential. We consider the personal development of our employees to be a cornerstone of our firm culture, which contributes significantly to the success of our company”, comments Barbara Stimpfl-Abele, Chief Human Resources Officer at Wolf Theiss, on the initiative.

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