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Training & Development

One of our key objectives is to invest in the development of our Associates. We aim to sharpen your legal skills on the job from day one. Our strategy for your development is to ensure ongoing challenges, full involvement, early exposure to clients, guidance from senior lawyers, and regular feedback.

Junior Lawyers will be invited to participate in our School of Excellence at least once a year. In Vienna, you’ll be able to start preparing for the bar exam well ahead of taking it.

As a Senior Lawyer, you’ll be offered a variety of School of Excellence courses, and the chance to attend other talks, workshops, and coaching sessions appropriate to your position. You will also pass on know-how to junior lawyers as part of the knowledge-sharing process, to help in their development.

As a Legal Assistant or Support Professional, you’ll participate in trainings and workshops appropriate to your position and the specific challenges you face.


Every Wolf Theiss lawyer is given an individual training plan and the opportunity to participate in our School of Excellence that consists of the Legal Schools and the Business School. This includes training in specific fields of expertise, along with communication skills and leadership skills, which can provide an additional competitive advantage. The goal is to help our lawyers to develop comprehensive skill sets in law and business in order to become region-wide specialists in their respective fields.


Our Legal Schools are formalized training courses which all young lawyers in certain practice areas are required to take, to enhance their understanding of specific areas of law and business.


Our Business School helps participants gain insight into the key issues relating to the managing of a law firm, aspects of business development and the industries in which some of our major clients operate. You will be encouraged to think entrepreneurially and to focus on clients’ needs by looking at matters from their perspective.


In Vienna, the Bar Exam par Excellence training course helps Associates prepare for the most important topics in the bar exam. Regular workshops (for example, on civil and criminal procedural law, or procedure costs) support the learning process. Associates are also invited to work on actual case proceedings on a voluntary basis, to broaden their knowledge in preparation for the bar exam.


Equal opportunity for women, additional assistance for women in career development, and career/family balance are just some of the issues covered by the Step Up Equal Opportunities programme. One of the key goals of the programme is to help women lawyers achieve maximum flexibility in organizing their time and achieving revenue targets.

Part of the programme is entitled Step Up Next Generation, which aims to provide assistance to young lawyers of both genders as they establish themselves in the firm and start working towards becoming a Partner. It consists of be.inspired talks by lawyers and non-lawyers, who share their personal experiences and opinions, and be.concrete workshops, at which senior lawyers receive advice on how to build relationships, position oneself, and develop a personal brand.

Support Professionals & Legal Assistants

You bring the ambition and the talent, we’ll provide the training and mentoring to allow you to make the most of your abilities.

As a Support Professional, at Wolf Theiss you’ll have plenty of opportunities to advance your career by getting involved in new projects and areas of activity. Inflexible hierarchies are not part of our ethos as a firm, which means you’ll have the scope to develop your career by taking on as much responsibility as you can handle, backed up by all the job-specific training you need to succeed.

Your role as an Assistant will take you into all kinds of areas, with different challenges every day. As you learn and progress on the job, we’ll provide assistance by offering formal training courses at our School for Assistants.

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