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Ukraine: Key Legal Developments

Monitoring issues as they happen

As the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, so too does the legal fallout of the conflict. Understanding the full scope of the sanctions and how they are impacting industries across Europe and the rest of the world requires legal expertise and business know-how.
Our lawyers put these developments into perspective and can answer your questions on the shifting regulatory landscape and the impacts on business across industries.

Sanctions have expanded to cover more topics and industries

EU sanctions on the Russian Federation and Belarus

Kurt Retter and Dominik Engel

Wolf Theiss maintains a summary list of the most important EU sanctions on Russian and Belarus including updates as they occur. New measures are added as they are introduced.

Options for private enforcement of sanctions

How private individuals track Russian assets

Valerie Hohenberg and Stephan Kugler

What can be done if national authorities lack the means to enforce EU sanctions? Can private individuals prevent asset transfers of sanctioned persons?

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EU labour market access for refugees & changes in Ukraine's employment rules

Employment of Ukrainian Citizens in European countries

Ukrainians and other individuals impacted by the war have been given access to the EU labour market This guide serves as an overview of EU and local legislation in nine EU member states as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia regarding the employment of Ukrainian nationals and other individuals enjoying protection.

New Employment Regulation during Martial Law

Olena Kravtsova and Olga Ivanova

Ukraine's new law regulates labour relations between employers and employees, provides for more opportunities for employers towards engagement and dismissal of employees during martial law, which the government views as part of the combined effort against the Russian invasion.