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The Future of Real Estate & Infrastructure

The Real Estate sector is being reshaped like many industries by an increasing focus on digital solutions and sustainability as well as cultural shifts in behavior and working norms.
From the future of offices and logistics to the impacts of blockchain and other technologies on real estate and our infrastructure, investors and practitioners face deep changes on many fronts.

Due to an increasing focus on renewable materials, sustainable energy sources and building practices, environmental concerns have become infused throughout many other key topics in the sector. 

Our business and subject-matter experts discuss pressing and unique questions that will shape the markets of tomorrow.

This webinar was recorded on 30 September 2021. Click here to find an overview of our “The Future of…” event series.

Topics & Speakers

Shouldn’t quality of life be ageless? Senior living as a new asset class or trend.

Erik Steger

Partner, Wolf Theiss

“The demographic challenge ahead of us is obvious, as is the need for suitable housing for all of us by the time we reach that age. But how will the future look like and what concepts are there already?”

Can real estate tokenization bring investments back to local communities?

Denis Petrovcic


“Every year, more than 700 billion USD is invested into commercial real estate globally and 80% of invested money stays in just 60 cities around the globe. Tokenization is here to bring investments back to local communities.”

Have offices become obsolete after COVID?

Horatiu Florescu

Chairman & CEO,
Knight Frank Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia (CSEE)

“Undeniably, despite our newfound acceptance of remote working, there is a growing need for businesses to provide office space for their employees to develop their skills, collaborate and learn from one another.”

How can we bring more wood into the city? By creating a hotel!

Theresa Rumpf

COO, Katharo Lodges

“Timber and prefabrication set new standards in building hotels.”

Proptech: How can an app simplify property management?

Julia Wawrik

CEO, puck Immobilien app services

“The value of a building is not only the asset itself, but also its degree of digitization.”

Green Power: Will we have sufficient power to charge our e-cars?

Lukas Püspök


“We need more renewable energy. NOW!”

Data center industry: What makes a cloud sustainable?

Christophe Marchiano

Project Director,
Global Infrastructure, Google

“How technology innovations and developing new approaches for buying clean energy can participate to a carbon-free future.”