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The Future of Investing

Recent global events have been a roller-coaster ride for investors, shaking up the markets in a way similar to the Great Recession or the Dot Com Bubble. New technologies are also on the rise, shaping the investment environment for start-ups and established players. Cryptocurrencies will shape markets as never before, and FinTech is driving innovation and challenging incumbents in the investment management industry.
Our business and subject-matter experts discuss pressing and unique questions that will shape the investment landscape of tomorrow in their 1.5-hour journey through the future of investing.

This webinar was recorded on 9 September. Click here to find an overview of our "The Future of..." event series. 

Topics & Speakers

The current trend to sustainable investments – opportunities and challenges for investors

Christine Siegl

Counsel, Wolf Theiss

"What does the current trend to sustainable investments mean for investors – what are the pros and cons/opportunities and challenges?"

How will pension funds navigate the investing challenges of the future?

Marcus Klug

Member of the Executive Board, Bundespensionskasse

"Opportunities on the way to Net Zero"

Will Decentralized Finance (DeFi) replace financial institutions?

Niklas Schmidt

Partner, Wolf Theiss

"Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is growing by leaps and bounds, and might well be the killer app of blockchain technology."

What happens when I forget to include income on capital gain from the investment in cryptocurrencies in my tax return? Will the tax authorities find out?

Florian Wimmer

CEO, Blockpit

"The pseudonymous and immutable nature of crypto assets combined with strict regulation of service providers brings a new form of transparency in the financial market. It is deadly wrong to assume that blockchain is a tool for money laundering and tax fraud, it’s the other way around."

Is there an upcoming stock market bubble and will it burst?

Richard Clegg

Partner, Wolf Theiss

Can AI give serious predictions on future market trends?

Emanuel Sallinger

Professor, TU Wien

“Artificial Intelligence is an indispensable part of modern finance. Vast Knowledge Graphs bring together data and scalable AI reasoning. How can we derive powerful insights, such as on investment, while still providing explainable, auditable, compliant and ethical decisions in such systems? This is the topic of this talk.”

Michael Kienzl

What kind of impact can "finfluencers" have on the investment community and should there be some kind of regulation?

Senior Associate, Wolf Theiss

"The sentiment on the capital markets is a decisive factor for future market developments."