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The Future of Computing

Technological trends that will define the next decade are already here. The increasing ability of autonomous systems to learn and act intelligently will continue to transform our everyday lives. The Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the developments that are already shaping our future.

This webinar was recorded on 10 June. Click here to find an overview of our "The Future of..." event series. 

Topics & Speakers

Confidential Computing and the Reinvention of Privacy

Richard Gendal Brown

Chief Technology Officer, R3

“Isn’t it crazy how technology can protect our personal information as it travels over the internet, but we have to rely on privacy policies that nobody reads to protect the data once it arrives? A novel new technology called Confidential Computing could fix this problem at a stroke.”

Is the craving for computing power compatible with sustainability?

Bernhard A. Zimmermann

Partner & Director Business Development, Zühlke Engineering

"As more and more business models have a digital component, the demand for computing power is constantly growing. What can we do to realize sustainable software solutions in terms of data security, technology, design and infrastructure?"

Is streaming the new flying?

Ivona Brandic

Professor, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)

"The share of worldwide electricity consumption for IT systems is currently 200 terawatt hours, about one percent of total global electricity consumption. One of the most worrying models predicts that electricity use by IT could exceed 20% of the global total by the time a child born today reaches her teens. The challenging question is how can we prevent data centres from becoming "factories of the digital age" and a major source of pollution?"

Independent smart devices: marrying machine learning with IoT

Taras Iakymchuk

CTO, Plumerai

"We thought that connecting our home appliances to the Internet was the next big thing. But what if we disconnect them?"

Machine learning is bringing law to the edge

Jakub Pietrasik

Senior Associate, Wolf Theiss

Challenges with the newly proposed EU AI Regulation

Ana Pavlović

Legal Director, Endava

"AI is already present in all areas of our digital life. What will the new EU AI Regulation bring with respect to protection of our fundamental rights? Are we ready for it, and what we can expect from it in the future?"

AI pushing the boundaries of law in practice: the healthcare sector

Janos Toth

Partner, Wolf Theiss

"Some drawbacks are already visible, but the solutions are not obvious."

Is the future of computing female?

Astrid Wieland

Co-Founder / Business Application Specialist #TheNewITGirls / Microsoft

"Malala "Jusaftsai", the Pakistani activist for female education and youngest Nobel Prize laureate once said: “I raise up my voice—not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard… We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” Be that voice for others, whether you are a man or a woman, old or young, already successful or just starting your career. Speak up for others, speak about the success of others when they are not in the room, make others shine and their light will shine back on you."

Europe on the edge: Will we become a digital colony of the USA or China?

Mathias Nöbauer

CEO, Exoscale

“It is important for the future of Europe that we are able to stand on our own digital feet.”

The power of data: when digitizing construction disrupts global multi-billion euro businesses

Lucas Johannes Winter

Managing Director, CONTAKT GmbH

"There is no such thing as industry boundaries in a digital world. Winner-takesall dynamics make the second best the first loser."

The trustworthiness of autonomous systems

Wolfgang Freiseisen

CEO, RISC Software GmbH / Johannes Kepler University Linz

"In order to evaluate the trustworthiness of autonomous systems, we have to use the same mathematics that we use for creating these systems in the first place."