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Restructuring loans and enforcement of security

The most important lessons learned since the collapse of Lehman Brothers are that no bank is too big to fail and that national banking systems are ill-equipped to deal with a truly global financial market.

In Central and Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the financial markets that were dominated by Austrian banks experienced unprecedented growth up until 2008. Since then, we have seen bank nationalisations (Kommunalkredit, HYPO GROUP ALPE ADRIA AG), state rescue packages amounting to hundreds of billions of euros, and cross-border loan lending coming to an abrupt halt only to resume to some extent relatively recently.

We therefore proudly announce the launch of the 2017 Wolf Theiss Guide to Restructuring Loans and Enforcement of Security. The publication is intended as a practical guide to the general principles and features of restructuring loans and insolvency proceedings in the CEE/SEE Region.

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Restructuring loans and enforcement of security

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