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Expectation vs. Reality – what makes a future-minded lawyer?

Digitalisation is gaining ground and does not spare legal industry; yet it is not part of law studies. This is problematic because the skills future lawyers need to bring to the table will change. Some tasks and roles within a law firm might become obsolete, processes will be optimized and new tools will be implemented.

In our new  Wolf Theiss Soundshot episode “Expectation vs. Reality – What makes a future minded lawyer?”, Kathrin Shahroozi and Lamis Kulenovic chat about the legal practice; how it is taught in universities and how it is actually practiced, especially in regard to the use of technology and how they and other young lawyers can prepare themselves for a much more technology driven future in the legal profession. 

Both Kathrin and Lamis have been involved in various LegalTech projects both at and outside of Wolf Theiss. They have experienced themselves what is needed keep up with this changing environment and explain how they educated themselves in the field of digitalisation.   

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