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Environmental, Social and Governance Law 2023 – Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG)

Country Chapters for Austria and Poland

These quick reference country chapters on Austria and Poland provide detailed legal and practical information on ESG Law and implementation. Designed in an easy-to-access Q&A format, these resources provide practitioners with a clear overview on critical ESG topics and allow for quick reference to more detailed questions about regulations, implementation and common market practices.

Covered Topics include key questions such as:
  • What are the main substantive ESG-related regulations?
  • What are the principal regulators with respect to ESG issues, and what issues are being pressed by them?
  • Who has principal responsibility for addressing ESG issues? What is the role of the management body in setting and changing the strategy of the corporate entity with respect to these issues?
  • To what extent do providers of debt and equity finance rely on internally or externally developed ESG ratings?
Chapter Contents
  • Setting the Scene – Sources and Overview
  • Principal Sources of ESG Pressure
  • Integration of ESG into Business Operations and Planning
  • Finance
  • Trends

Full chapters are available in the links below:

Environmental, Social & Governance Law 2023 – Q&A Austria | ICLG

ICLG – ESG Law 2023 – Q&A Austria

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Environmental, Social & Governance Law 2023 – Q&A Poland | ICLG

ICLG – ESG Law 2023 – Q&A Poland

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