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Wolf Theiss Warsaw office partners with Zwierzęca Polana Foundation

“Foundation operates on the basis of the provisions of the Act on Foundations, the Act on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteer Work, and the Act on Animal Protection, but in practice many issues also require the application of other regulations: corporate, litigation and procedural law,” says Jakub Pietrasik, legal adviser in the law firm Wolf Theiss, who advises technology, manufacturing and industrial companies on a daily basis. “The matters in which we support the Foundation include its day-to-day operation, as well as the enforcement of funds from municipalities which are purposed for rescuing neglected animals from poor living conditions. I feel we are making a real contribution to the improvement of their fate and are involved in the fight for the protection of animal rights,” adds Jakub Pietrasik.

Established in 2012, the Foundation is active in the fields of ecology, environmental protection, protection of animal rights and improvement of animal living conditions. Last year, thanks to such activities, 6 horses and over 70 dogs were saved. Currently, 38 farm animals and 56 dogs are under the care of the Foundation. “The creation of a special living space for animals is the Foundation’s biggest goal. This space would also have an educational function. In the West, similar places are successfully functioning. I am sure that in Poland they would also enjoy interest and allow visitors to see how sensitive and wise animals are,” says Aleksandra Grynczewska, President of the Board of the Foundation. “We rehabilitate dogs under the supervision of the most eminent specialists and look for new, safe homes for them. This year, 52 dogs have already found such homes,” adds Aleksandra Grynczewska.

In addition to providing pro bono legal advice, Wolf Theiss supports the Foundation in organizing financial assistance. “For 16 years now, taxpayers in Poland have been able to contribute 1% of their personal income tax towards public benefit organizations of their choosing. This year, the deadline for tax settlement for the previous year has been extended by one month, until 31 May,” says Izabela Wiewiórka, tax advisor at Wolf Theiss.

Financial support for the Foundation will be used to provide safe shelter for animals, fulfil their nutrinal needs, walks, as well as for veterinary treatment and rehabilitation. Details are available on the Foundation’s website: