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Wolf Theiss becomes a partner in the NFT project “Buy my cancer”

Wolf Theiss has become a partner of an extraordinary NFT campaign called “Buy My Cancer” organized by the Alivia Cancer Foundation in cooperation with Ogilvy, a creative agency. The law firm’s service includes legal assistance in relation to minting NFT tokens and to the preparation of template agreements required to run the project.

Due to “Buy my Cancer”, living cancer cells are sold as pieces of art in order to save lives. The project com-bines art, medicine and technology. Real images of living cancer cells are turned into works of art by world-renowned artists. Each artwork has been recorded and turned into NFT collections which will be featured on the largest international NFT platforms. The raised money will support a fund aimed at financing treatment. The campaign focuses on rare cancer types and the innovative CAR-T therapy which, with its proven high clinical efficacy, may help to cure the disease. Unfortunately, this method is highly expensive and considered as a last chance for qualifying patients.

The whole project is based on the #buymycancerchallenge. Once the first edition of NFTs has been sold out, the next challenge begins. Artist and painter Pawel Swanski, Professor Sebastian Giebel, the Head of the Bone Marrow Transplantation and Onco-Hematology, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Cancer Center and Institute of Oncol-ogy, Gliwice, Poland as well as President of the Polish Adult Leukemia Group (PALG) and Polish Lymphoma Research Group (PLRG), and Professor Jacek Jassem, the Head of the Department of Oncology and Radio-therapy, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland, will start nominating their successors. The new professors will then select new patients to have their cancer cells photographed and a new artist will use these images as the basis for new artworks and new NFT collections.

Wolf Theiss provides its legal services on a pro bono basis. Jakub Pietrasik (Counsel of IP&TMT practice) and Zuzanna Nowak-Wróbel (Associate) take care of the legal aspects of the campaign from the perspective of technology and IP law, while Izabela Wiewiórka (Consultant) and Izabela Deryło (Mandatory Disclosure Rules Specialist) oversee the tax issues in this project.