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Wolf Theiss to continue support for women’s entrepreneurship in Poland

During the first year of the collaborative effort with the Foundation, Wolf Theiss helped organize two conferences on investments in start-up companies and establishing new businesses, as well as hosting networking events for women investors at its Warsaw office. The most recent event was an official Christmas Dinner, held on December 13, for an exclusive group of the most dedicated investors, including VIP Members, of the Black Swan Fund.

"We are very happy that we had the chance to be engaged in several incredible initiatives supporting women’s professional development," said Marta Albrecht-Niedziałek, Operations and Marketing Communications Manager at the Warsaw office of Wolf Theiss. "We remain committed to further supporting the Foundation’s activities in the coming year as there is still much work to do in this area and plenty of interest from within the local business community."

"This has been a very fruitful year and we are very pleased to continue our cooperation with Wolf Theiss," said Katarzyna Wierzbowska from the Women’s Entrepreneurship Foundation. "This relationship with Wolf Theiss, one of the leading law firms in Poland, has provided excellent opportunities for networking and mentoring activities, as well as exchanges of experience."

Wolf Theiss has won Euromoney’s "European Women in Business Law Awards" numerous times – most recently being named "Best in Austria" and "Best in Croatia" in 2017. The prize honors law firms that demonstrate a particular commitment to supporting women in the profession through programs to foster innovation and talent management and encourage the promotion of women.

For the past four years, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Foundation has been running programs helping women establish their own businesses, gain external financing and enter new markets. The Foundation has initiated and supported a thriving business networking community (the "Entrepreneurial Women Network"), runs its own acceleration program ("Business in Women’s Hands"), and supports the activities of women business angels.

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