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Ascend Capital Partners relied on the legal advice of Wolf Theiss regarding its investment in the Viennese startup PIUR

Wolf Theiss advised Ascend Capital Partners on the legal aspects of the investment in piur imaging, a Viennese startup focusing on tomographic 3D ultrasound solutions.

A multidisciplinary team led by M&A Partner Sarah Wared advised Ascend Capital Partners with respect to all legal aspects of the Series A financing from an Austrian law perspective (due diligence, advice in connection with the transaction agreements).

Founded in 2014, PIUR’s vision is to maximize access to safe and accurate image diagnostics through AI-driven tomographic ultrasound solutions. PIUR currently focuses on changing the way thyroid diagnostics is performed. With its Infinity system, high resolution ultrasound volumes of the thyroid can be generated and analyzed with AI-support, generating reproducible diagnostic results more efficiently.

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Members of the Wolf Theiss core team were in addition to Sarah Wared (Partner, Corporate | M&A) Jana Landhaeusser (Associate, Corporate | M&A) and Nikolaus Wollner (Associate, Corporate | M&A).