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You’re currently completing your legal studies or have already graduated. So, what’s next?

Studying law requires unwavering commitment similar to a full-time job, with all of the exams and essays to complete. But it’s important to already start considering your career opportunities early on. This can help you select what you want to focus on in your studies.

In this episode of Wolf Theiss Soundshot, our hope is to help support law students take a look at all of the options available to them in their future career paths, especially for those who are looking at alternative career paths.

Our Wolf Theiss speakers Maria Antonia Reis Teixeira Da Costa, Learning Coordinator, Fiona Altmann, Recruiting Manager, and Maryam Ziaran, Social Media Manager, all share one thing in common: they all studied law. Similarly, while their current roles have strong legal components, they are currently pursuing alternative career paths, different from the more traditional path of becoming lawyers.

In this episode, they discuss why they studied law and how this field of study aids them in their current positions. Perhaps more importantly, they provide tips for law students wanting to explore less traditional career paths, demonstrating how you can leverage your legal background for a multitude of other disciplines.

Key takeaway: one of the best ways to explore your future career options are by seizing the opportunities around you, seeing what’s out there, and what’s a good fit for you.

Our legal internships – applications open now – are a great example of how you can achieve this. Apply now to our legal internships, to see whether the more traditional legal career path is the right fit for you. Or, if you’re interested in exploring alternative career paths, apply now for one of our Business Professionals positions, and start your career with us today.

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Recruiting Manager
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Antonia Reis Teixeira Da Costa
Learning Coordinator
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Maryam Ziaran
Social Media Manager
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