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Welcoming the AI (r)evolution in resolution of disputes

In our newest edition of Wolf Theiss Soundshot, Disputes experts Borna Dejanovic and Aleksandar Ristic approach the topic of use of AI in Dispute Resolution. Against the backdrop of increasing numbers of legal practitioners relying on generative AI tools to improve efficiency and productivity, they explore concrete examples of the various ways generative AI tools are currently being used, their benefits, as well as their shortcomings.

Furthermore, they address the interesting topic of legal permissibility of the use of AI for legal professionals, drawing on the upcoming EU’s regulation on AI and other factors that disputes practitioners must consider when incorporating such tools into their workflow.

Our speakers also reflect on the future potentials of AI in the legal profession and take the opportunity to draw conclusions on how the use of these tools may yet impact the legal profession as a whole in the coming years.

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