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The Product Regulation and Liability Review (Tenth Edition)

Country Chapter for Austria

The Product Regulation and Liability Review addresses the matter of product liability in several pivotal jurisdictions across the globe, delving into potential liability and exposure for manufacturers, along with recent changes to the law in each jurisdiction as a result of new legislation, regulations, court decisions and so on. Each country chapter includes an introduction to the local product liability framework, followed by four key sections:

  • Regulatory oversight
  • Causes of action
  • Litigation
  • The year 2022 in review

The Austria country chapter focuses on the Product Liability Act and, among other things, how it tackles the subject of primary liability in terms of civil law, general tort law, contract law and the concept of contract with protective effect for third parties. To a lesser extent, it discusses the Product Safety Act and how it regulates product safety requirements, the obligations of producers, importers and suppliers, as well as those measures that government authorities must take to protect human life and health from hazardous products.

The full chapter is available at the link below:

The Product Regulation and Liability Review (Tenth Edition): Austria

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