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The Future of Government

Amidst the increasing speed of technological development, governments across the world are at a crossroads. They face the dual challenge of implementing new tech solutions to fulfill their own mandates, while at the same time effectively regulating the use of that same technology in wider society. The stakes are high. How can elected officials and regulators preserve fundamental rights in an increasingly virtual world, maintain economic competitiveness while protecting the public from the pitfalls of new tech and provide government services in line with digital solutions that we now all expect? These are only a few of the questions that governments must now confront in the age of constant technological change.

Our legal and subject-matter experts discuss pressing and unique questions that will shape the governments of tomorrow.

This webinar was recorded on 25 November 2021.

Topics & Speakers

“Is it time for fundamental digital rights?”

Christian Piska

Professor, Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law,
University of Vienna

“Being turned off from a social media platform destroys a person’s online life. Right now, there are defined legal remedies against that act.”

What is Self-Sovereign Identity and why is it important?

Andreas Freitag

SSI Consultant, Jolocom

“Improve Society with Technology.”

Asteroid Mining, Space Tourism und Off-Earth Manufacturing – What about taxes?

Niklas Schmidt

Partner, Wolf Theiss

“Space is indeed the next frontier. What this means is that both taxes and tax planning will eventually become a reality there.”

Will there ever be a Central Bank Digital Currency in Europe?

Beat Weber

Senior Economist, Central Bank of Austria

“Making digital payments in Euro for groceries is nothing new, but having the central bank directly guaranteeing them would be opening a new chapter, requiring considerable work and discussion.”

Will DAOs replace the LLC, the association, the fund and the party?

Eva Micheler

Associate Professor in Law,
London School of Economics and Political Science

“For DAOs to reach widespread adoption, they will need to overcome a variety of legal challenges and limitations—which could ultimately frustrate their mainstream adoption. These challenges range from governance concerns and questions related to the status of interests in DAOs to concerns related to the lack of a limitation of liability.” (Aaron Wright) “

Problems of digitalization in public sector.

Robert Pelikan

Partner, Wolf Theiss

“The reality of public IT systems if far behind expectations. Why is it like this?”

The Future of Measuring Government Effectiveness: What will tell us in the XXI century if we should vote the party in power out of the government?

Olga Kamenchuk

Associate Research Professor, Institute for Public Policy,
Northwestern University, USA

“Nowadays, we discover new sources and volumes of data that help governments in making informed decisions. We switch from data collection to its analysis via data mining involving methods of machine learning, statistics and database management and instead of just asking to self-asses – “How do you think you will vote”, we analyze the behavior of the people – “I know how you would actually vote.”