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Start-ups and Tech investors, beware!

Are you a start-up on the verge of creating crucial IP assets? Or you are an investor eager to acquire a successful IP developer? Join us on the webinar jointly organized by Wolf Theiss and Aon during which we will try to provide hands-on advice on legal and practical issues to look for in each IP M&A.

Given an increased volume of M&A transactions in High Tech sector in the region, this webinar will offer answers to certain IP pinpoints that are likely to be a key consideration for developing or acquiring companies operating in the tech space, also focusing on what to look for and what for fear from along with considering common pitfalls in IP contracts. The topics will include:

Wolf Theiss:

  • IP Assets
  • IP Protection
  • IP Planning and Management
  • Legal IP Due Diligence
  • IP Clauses in SPA


  • IP M&A buy-side: non-legal IP Business Diligence to assess Coverage, Opportunity and Risk from the patent landscape a target company is operating in
  • IP M&A Sell-side: Quality-of-IP Report to position IP as a value driver in transaction
  • IP Insurance: transferring IP risk in the M&A context through IP insurance
  • Cyber: the importance of Cyber DD and the value of cyber assessments during exits, providing an overview of recent cyber events, latest trends and cyber risk transfer solutions.