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Shift in Investments

Keeping pace with evolving markets

Change is afoot across industries and borders

Global events in the past 18 months have ushered in significant changes in business, government and society. With impacts on the regulatory landscape, working patterns, the markets, politics and human culture itself, these developments have inevitably resulted in shifts in investment patterns.

From real estate to life sciences, our lawyers discuss important trends in law and business that are shaping the new realities of the investment profile of Central and Eastern Europe.

Life sciences in CEE after Covid-19: Growth, decline or stagnation?

Kamila Seberová

The pandemic has been an accelerator of innovation in health care and life sciences. Investor attention has followed suit. With new technologies developed almost daily and hot activity across CEE, opportunities abound.

"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress."

Charles F. Kettering, renowned US inventor

Re-purposing real estate: adding value to your property

Peter Oberlechner

The effects of the pandemic have impacted the investment profile of real estate remarkably, stimulating and accelerating developments that few had anticipated would happen so quickly.

Regional investment trends

Shifting markets mean that the region's investment profile continues to evolve. While CEE/SEE is clearly characterised by a positive growth arc, understanding the fundamental drivers is key. CEE continues to grow and defy global trends

Stand out markets and structural advantages are draws for investors

Investors from China, the EU, and the US continue to see positive opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe given the region's strong economic growth, resilience and maturing markets. Private Equity is a particular stand-out, as regional PE investments continued to remain strong despite the challenges from global events over the previous 18 months.

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Almost 19 billion euros was invested in Central and Eastern Europe between 2010 – 2019, and investment trends have remained strong despite recent global events.

Understanding Chinese investments in Central Europe

Christian Mikosch and Michael Zou

Wolf Theiss Partner Christian Mikosch and Michael Zou, Partner at Chance Bridge in Beijing, discuss the risks Chinese investors face in Central Europe, the differences between Chinese state-owned enterprises, private companies and private equity investors and explain the role of capital remittance controls.

Status report on newly implemented FDI regimes in CEE/SEE

In the wake of newly implemented FDI regimes across the region, we track lessons learned in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. Highlighting a clear pattern of increased restrictions, the insights nonetheless show disparities across jurisdictions.

Private Equity - local landscape in Central and Eastern Europe

Private equity had a strong start in 2021, and its popularity only continues to rise. Understanding the local landscape and legal requirements is a fundamental first step for a successful investment strategy. Insights on Austria, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

Investment tools

Innovation and market developments create opportunities.

In times of fast evolving financial markets, investors and lenders alike seek new solutions and targets to efficiently realise their investment goals. From shifts in the NPL market to a rise in securitisation, our experts provide their analysis on the latest.

NPLs in the CEE/SEE region – investment prospects to watch

Katerina Kraeva

Katerina Kraeva analyses where the NPL market is heading, including a closer look at some of the factors that the EC anticipated a year ago to define NPL divestments in the post-pandemic period.

STS regulation – Securitisation on the rise again

Matthias Schimka and Nevena Skocic

In order to foster the capital markets and securitisation itself, the STS Regulation has been adopted for transparent and standardised securitisation. Matthias Schimka and Nevena Skocic discuss additional criteria for securitisations relying on the STS label and the market trend towards sustainability in financing.Read more about the STS Regulation

Here to stay or a flash in the pan? SPACs as an alternative to IPOs

Tereza Naucova and Katerina Kulhankova

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have become one of the most discussed topics in the equity market in recent years. While it is much less burdensome and less time consuming for private companies to go public via a SPAC acquisition, they do not come without their disadvantages.