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Real estate webinar series

Accelerating trends & paradigm shifts


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The COVID-19 crisis and its impacts are in many cases impacting the current use of real estate. The crisis is also an accelerator of developments that were already occuring. Examples are the decreasing demand for retail space (and the move into online retail), the trend towards a reduction of office space (and the move into home office), and a decreased demand for (urban) hotel space.

On the other hand, there is increased demand for logistics space, the (crisis-caused) need for more and different residential real estate, and respectively residential space in “greener” areas and outside of city boundaries. All of these shifts of demand lead to the question how to achieve a change of the current use of real estate in different jurisdictions. Our experts have explored this question in 10 countries and will provide their analysis in this webinar series.

Participation is free, upon your confirmation. The log-in-data will be provided one day before. Each webinar will be recorded and will be shared on our website as well as on our social-media-channels.