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Legal guide to Mergers & Acquisitions 2022

Czech Republic

This quick reference guide includes an overview of the laws and regulations in the Czech Republic for M&A, the authorities governing the topic, stakebuilding, deal and bidder protection and other useful facts and information.  The question and answer format allows for quick access to key information.

Answers questions such as:

  • Are there any special sector-related rules?
  • What are the main hurdles?
  • Are there any limits on agreeing terms with employees?
  • What are the key costs?
  • And more…

Access the guide here:  Mergers & Acquisitions Report 2022 Czech Republic


1.  Relevant authorities and legislation
2. Mechanics of Acquisition
3. Friendly or hostile
4. Information
5. Stakebuilding
6. Deal protection
7. Bidder protection
8. Target defences
9. Other useful facts
10. Updates

Content originally published on ICLG.

Legal Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions – 2022

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