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Further new strategic public-private partnership projects In Romania

1. High-speed railway – Bucharest – Craiova – Timisoara – Cluj
The railway will be approximately 1,275 km long and will cut the time it takes to get from the capital to the main cities on the route. It will also allow connections like Timisoara-Cluj, Craiova-Sofia, Timisoara-Belgrade and Cluj-Budapest.

2. Expanding Bucharest metro network through M7 line
The new line would be routed through Bragadiru-Alexandriei Road-Colentina-Voluntari, it would be 25 km long and have about 30 stations, a terminal and a depot. It will contribute to the expansion of Bucharest’s metropolitan area through the urbanization of nearby localities.

3. Expansion of Constanta Port
The project aims to build two more operational terminals, which could become an important attraction point for investors and allow the operation of high-capacity ships, the increase of sea transport for passengers and merchandise and the increase of trade volumes.

4. Turnu Magurele-Nicopole hydro technical complex on the Danube Delta
This project would ensure the long-term economic development of Turnu Magurele city as well as the water supply of nearby towns and villages so they are no longer dependent on the Danube’s levels.

5. Tarnita-Lapusesti hydroelectric power station

6. New luxury resorts by the Black Sea
A 2.5 km stretch of beach in the Costinesti-23 August area would be refurbished and new modern accommodation spaces would be built. The project initially includes the development of 4 luxury resorts on over 800 hectares of land, as well as eight 5-star hotels with over 4,000 rooms. New county roads would also be built to connect the resorts with the DN39 national road.

7. Dr. Calistrat Grozovici multifunctional clinic
The clinic would be built within the Prof. Dr. Matei Bals National Infectious Disease Institute and would include two buildings totalling about 51,000 sqm, which will include emergencies, outpatient care, consultation rooms, imaging, radiotherapy, operating rooms, pharmacy, a heliport, an amphitheatre, laboratories, a research block, conference rooms, changing rooms, visitor spaces and technical spaces.

8. Targu Mures regional hospital
The hospital will have around 800-1,000 beds and will provide medical assistance for complex medical cases that cannot be resolved in smaller hospitals nearby. It will have a heliport and an emergency helicopter, as well as specialty clinics and well-equipped research centers. Besides the hospital, housing will be built for medical staff, as well as accommodation for the families of patients.

Previously-announced PPP projects included:

  • A National blood and stem cell bank
  • Timisoara Regional Hospital
  • Braila-Galati regional hospital with 800-1000 beds
  • Opening Arges and Dambovita rivers for navigation
  • South Bucharest Airport
  • Siret-Baragan channel
  • An electric vehicle factory
  • A new ski resort in the Fagaras Mountains

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