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Female Leaders in International Arbitration: Practical Advice and Shared Perspectives

In our newest edition of Wolf Theiss Soundshot, international arbitration specialist Sofia Kovačević from Wolf Theiss Vienna is joined by two guest speakers, International Arbitration Partner from Hanotiau & Van Den Berg, Iuliana Iancu, and Deputy Counsel at the ICC International Court of Arbitration Dimitra Tsakiri. Their discussion centers around their experiences within the field of international arbitration from the perspective of an arbitrator, counsel and ICC representative. 

They highlight the reality of everyday life as an arbitration practitioner as well as practical advice for young and foreign lawyers who wish to practice international arbitration, such as the relevance of exposure to various legal cultures and specialization in a specific industry, as well as the importance of striking the right work life balance for achieving a long term performance.  

Additionally, they address diversity and the move towards greater inclusion (gender, age, ethnicity, and disabilities) within arbitration. Drawing on their personal experiences, they highlight the role of diverse teams in instilling soft skills such as leadership and team work as well as practical elements such as an increase in perspectives and thus enhanced legal reasoning.  

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