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E-signatures: how they are regulated and how to use them

European legislation introduced the concept of electronic signatures in 1999 when the Directive on a Community framework for electronic signatures was adopted (the so called eSignature Directive). A further step was taken in July 2016 when the eIDAS Regulation came into force and set the ground for a level playing field across all EU member states in relation to electronic signatures.

In this new Wolf Theiss podcast episode, banking and finance lawyers Claudia Chiper and Marika Lomashvili discuss the current regulation applicable to electronic signatures in the EU, Austria and Romania, the interplay between EU and national legislation, and prospects in the context of the framework for a European Digital Identity. They discuss which types of finance documents may be concluded by applying an electronic signature and which agreements must be signed in wet ink in relation to financing transactions between corporates.

This episode was recorded in summer 2021.

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