Building Bridges

BREXIT represented a major change for the European Union; a situation that affected both individuals and companies in Austria and the entire CEE region. Following Brexit, EU law will no longer be automatically applicable in or to be transposed by the U.K. This affect a variety of legal areas – public law areas such as rules regarding free movement of goods, services, establishments and capital, procurement, customs and tax law as well as Finance, Corporate/M&A, Commercial and Dispute Resolution will be affected. In the event of BREXIT, companies will be confronted with a multitude of new challenges.

The BREXIT Desk at Wolf Theiss is designed to guide you safely through the inevitable challenges and act as a bridge-builder between the UK on one hand and Austria and the CEE region on the other. Since June 2016, we have continuously advised companies on the consequences of BREXIT in various legal areas. The knowledge that we have gained in doing this is now united for you in our new Wolf Theiss BREXIT Desk. Our internationally experienced lawyers concentrate on guiding you through the most important areas of law affected and help you to overcome the trade barriers that BREXIT will bring.